G.I. Joe Collector’s Club January Newsletter to Update Status

GIJCC update

It looks like the January issue of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club newsletter may potentially offer more information about the recent changes in Collector’s Club memberships that were revealed before the holidays.

Amidst a great deal of speculation over the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club forums, the “FubPubAdmin” account posted this bit of text:

 All the information we have has been released. No further details are available at this time. We continue to take renewals so that members that expire between now and March 16th can still get the 2016 FREE figures, as these are two of the best figures we have ever produced!


In addition, as a continuing active member, you will still be eligible to purchase FSS 5.0 should you desire to participate.

So…. FSS 5?!  That’s either a typo or Fun Publications’ relationship with the G.I. Joe brand may have a bit more life in it for 2016, aside from delivering FSS 4.0 and running the Colorado GIJoeCon in June.

A bit further down the thread, one last bit of information regarding the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club was posted: Continue reading

G.I. Joe Collector’s Club FSS Oktober Guard Dragonsky Review

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS Dragonsky

When the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club unveiled their 2012 convention set “Operation Bear Trap” many fans asked one question: “Where’s Dragonsky?”   After all, the stalwart Russian engineer and flamethrower specialist had been with the team from their second appearance in Yearbook #2 all the way to the end of the classic Marvel Run.  Aside from Daina, he was the longest running member of the team.  To complete the Oktober Guard Dragonsky was essential!

Thankfully, at the 2013 Joe Con in Indy, the GIJCC announced Dragonsky as part of the second Figure Subscription Service.  All who signed up for the premium batch of 12 announced figures would receive him.

Flash forward nearly a year later and Dragonsky has finally arrived as part of the final shipment in the series.  Was this Russian pyrotechnic expert worth the long wait?  Check out the opinions of two long-time Joe fans in the review!

It’s posted in the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Review Index!

Also, check back on Monday for the review of the “13th Bonus Figure” – Grand Slam!

Reminder: G.I. Joe Concept Case poll first round ends Monday at GeneralsJoes.com!

Just a quick reminder– the “Concept Case” poll over at GeneralsJoes.com ends Monday!  If you’re dying to see some of those G.I. Joe figures released, make your voice heard BEFORE Monday July 23, 2012.  To vote, just click the image link below.

On the subject of electioneering, some GUNG-HO fans of a certain Innuit mercenary have put together a short video tribute for their top candidate.   Check out their campaign efforts over at VoteKwinn2012.com and watch the video below:


Lastly, let’s not forget the greatest Marine in the whole of G.I. Joe history– the ragin’ Cajun: GUNG-HO!  Don’t let this be his only original Generation 3 version!  (I don’t count the too-short Walmart Resolute version.)

25th Anniversary Gung-Ho


Tell Hasbro what you want from the G.I. Joe Concept Case from Joe Con 2012!

The past few years at Joe Con fans have been treated to a case full of “what might have been”– figures and vehicles that made it to the design phase but never saw production.  The Hasbro team is typically quite patient with the cries of heart-broken fans screaming “Why didn’t you make that awesome Ice Cream Soldier v2?!!” and always tell individuals that if there is enough demand for a particular item it might get made.

One  admin was so GUNG-HO about the project that he has taken matters into his own hands and decided to give Hasbro a vehicle for feedback.

Over at GeneralsJoes.com, Justin has launched a Survey Monkey survey that will allow fans to submit their feedback on what was shown as well as allow users to submit their own options.  (GUNG-HO!)  Love the zombie theme?  Let Hasbro know!  Want to fill your shelves with Arashikage ninjas?  Take the survey!  Want to see a NEW version of the greatest marine in the G.I. Joe team Gung-Ho that doesn’t share a headsculpt with Leatherneck?  Let Hasbro know and take the survey!

Just click the image below and get started!  I know you’re all GUNG-HO about this!  (See what I did there?  It’s called “subliminal advertising”…)

Here are some galleries to refresh your mind a bit…

30th Anniversary:


Vault Other:


Joe Con 2012: Hasbro’s G.I. Joe press images

While I wasn’t able to attend the Con in person this year, JBL has had a lot of help from “on the scene” photographer Photonut!  However, he’s also got some help– Justin from Hunter PR has sent along these “official images” of items revealed at the 2012 Hasbro Convention presentation.

One of the biggest surprises are the PVC mini-figs know as “Micro Force”– featuring 80+ blind-packaged collectible figures.  That’s right– tiny G.I. Joe figures that are perfect to adorn any computer desk.  (You can see where I’m going with this already.)

In terms of G.I. Joe Retaliation movie items, here’s what you’ll see in the images below.  (I’m borrowing some details from over at GeneralsJoes.com.  (Justin’s done a great job covering things as usual!)

  • Micro Force Quarter-Sized collectible figures in blind bags.  Over 80 figures to collect and trade.  Foot holes are compatible with normal vehicle foot pegs for display!
  • Alpha sized Night Landing vehicle with Cobra Eel.  Cobra Eel figure is the canceled Rise of Cobra Ripcord which is extremely detailed, highly accessorized and uses the figure design that was sculpted to resemble the Sigma 6 Sigma Suits
  • Night Viper is moved up to Wave 3
  • Combat Ninja is intended to be “movie accurate” Cobra Trooper
  • Very movie accurate “Ultimate Firefly” with mini-HISS in Wave 3
  • Very movie accurate “Cobra Trooper” (Cobra Combat Ninja) in Wave 3
  • Movie accurate “Ultimate Duke” (with Data-Viper Predator Drone) in Wave 3
  • Comic accurate/toy accurate Snake Eyes ’85 w/ Timber totally newly tooled in Wave 4
  • Crimson Guard in Wave 5 with customizable label sheet

 You can check out all of the images in the gallery below.  A big thanks to Hunter PR for making these available to fans everywhere!

Joe Con 2012: Pics of the convention diorama!

This is easily one of my favorite parts of the entire Joe Con experience.  Seriously– I LOVE the con diorama and every year that I’m fortunate enough to attend I snap far more pictures than I should of it.  There’s just something about seeing all of the figures that you’re anticipating purchasing in action– battling Cobra and keeping the toy shelf safe for democracy. 

Here are Photonut’s excellent pics of the 2012 multi-setting Con diorama! 

Joe Con 2012: Day 1 – unproduced G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary figures…

Joe Con 2012 coverage continues with a look at several unproduced G.I. Joe figures.

Much like the Renegades images– this set just makes me a bit sad.  Some of the figures shown are ones that I was looking forward to since the 30th anniversary line-up was announced.  Sadly, they’re now falling into the category of unproduced G.I. Joe figures that are headed into the concept case of obscurity.

Three of the most anticipated but now unproduced G.I. Joe figures for this fan?

  • Kwinn
  • Flint
  • Lady Jaye

Even the much-lamented Data Viper is a figure that piqued my curiosity.  However, as of now, none of these figures are slated to see release– save for hopefully Kwinn.

Check out Photonut’s Day 1 unproduced G.I. Joe images below:


Joe Con 2012: Day 1 G.I. Joe Retaliation pics!

Photonut is a MACHINE down at the con this year– cranking out images far faster than a certain “at home admin” can post them.  However, he came through with some great pics of the Day 1 Retaliation offerings from the Hasbro case.

Stay tuned for his post-Hasbro panel images later today.  The next wave of figures will hit store shelves February 2013!

Joe Con 2012: Parachute drop pics

More images from Photonut– this time of the parachute drop and the Cobra Stealth Paratrooper figures!  It’s always a great way to start the convention– taking small plastic figures and chucking them off of a roof.  (I can recall the last time I was at a Joe Con in NOLA.  I swung my arm back to pitch the figures and came away with a hand full of parachutes.   Those poor poor Nullifiers…)

Enjoy these lastest images from “on the scene” and stay tuned for more images at JBL!

Also, more looks at the Cobra Stealth Paratrooper:

Joe Con 2012: Hasbro’s unproduced Renegades figures…

Photonut is on the scene and been providing pics when he can.  (Plus, the admin is a bit late in getting these posted.)  Friday Hasbro unveiled part 1 of their “Vault”– a series of figures and vehicles that were in development but never saw final production.  Up first– the much lamented G.I. Joe: Renegades ANIMATED figures.

Some of these are pretty close to what actually hit shelves (Tunnel Rat, Scarlet, Ripcord) but some of these are pretty radically different.  The less I say about the reveal of the Coyote the better– otherwise you’ll see a grown admin cry.

Check out the pics below!