G.I. Joe Collector’s Club FSS Oktober Guard Dragonsky Review

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS Dragonsky

When the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club unveiled their 2012 convention set “Operation Bear Trap” many fans asked one question: “Where’s Dragonsky?”   After all, the stalwart Russian engineer and flamethrower specialist had been with the team from their second appearance in Yearbook #2 all the way to the end of the classic Marvel Run.  Aside from Daina, he was the longest running member of the team.  To complete the Oktober Guard Dragonsky was essential!

Thankfully, at the 2013 Joe Con in Indy, the GIJCC announced Dragonsky as part of the second Figure Subscription Service.  All who signed up for the premium batch of 12 announced figures would receive him.

Flash forward nearly a year later and Dragonsky has finally arrived as part of the final shipment in the series.  Was this Russian pyrotechnic expert worth the long wait?  Check out the opinions of two long-time Joe fans in the review!

It’s posted in the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Review Index!

Also, check back on Monday for the review of the “13th Bonus Figure” – Grand Slam!

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  1. I like the use of the great Airtight body, but I wish the Club had gone away from the comic style purple. Maybe tan or green to match Stormavik or Horrorshow

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