Joe Con 2012: Pics of the convention diorama!

This is easily one of my favorite parts of the entire Joe Con experience.  Seriously– I LOVE the con diorama and every year that I’m fortunate enough to attend I snap far more pictures than I should of it.  There’s just something about seeing all of the figures that you’re anticipating purchasing in action– battling Cobra and keeping the toy shelf safe for democracy. 

Here are Photonut’s excellent pics of the 2012 multi-setting Con diorama! 

In memory: Craig “Outrider” Anderson…

Craig “Outrider” Anderson was an Australian G.I. Joe fan who loved photography, Major Bludd, and o-ring Joe figures. An active member of both and Flikr, Craig continually amazed and impressed fans with his eye for the dramatic when it came to snapping pics of our favorite “Real American Heroes”.   He passed away Sunday, May 23, 2010. His legacy in the fandom, however, will not be forgotten by the body of high-quality work he left behind at I’d invite everyone to take a reverent look at the works of… a man who raised the bar of “Joe photography” for all of us.

Outrider’s gallery on

You will be missed, Craig.

JBL Fan Content Update 9/22/09


Here’s some of the super groovy work being put out by the joe-fans at JBL.


Multiple Updates by pbarny
Dio Stand Thingy by MacGyver
Custom Dragonhawk by Lt. Storm
Outback, Salvo, Recondo, Beach-Head by madmac41
Monkeywrench, Hotwire by Underbrush
October Guard by Alpine
Fixed Commando Viper by SNAKE_EYES1975
Reactive Armor Stalker by Alexx
ROC Viper by Digitalself


ROC Mini-Dio by General Hawk
Bending Minds by MightyMegs
1/18th Scale Fun by Underbrush

JBL Fan Content Update 9-16



Hey all, here is some of the excellent work being put out by fans on JBL right now! 



Track Viper by Alexx

Resolute Syle Customs by Slaymaker

Dial Tone, Gung Ho, Tunnel Rat by Madmac41

Big Boa by Ratfink

Dios, Art, and Photowork:

‘Trouble Down the Alley’ by drjoejustice

Swimsuit Agent Helix by Lt Storm

GHOSTS: Chapter 11 debuts!

ghosts_title_130160_thumb.jpgGeneral Hawk has posted the latest installment in his ongoing dio-story– GIJoe: Ghosts!

The action heats up and tensions rise as Barrel Roll and Blackout meet face-to-face!  In spite of apparent set-backs, Cobra Commander’s plans seem one step closer to completion!  How will the Joes stop the “most dangerous man alive” this time?

Check out Chapter 11 today over at!

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More new dio-story chapters published!

ghosts_title_130160_thumb.jpgIt’s a one-two knockout punch this weekend as two ongoing dio-stories have been updated!

General Hawk’s “GHOSTS” returns with the all-new chapter 3! The Renegades go into combat– but not against who you might expect! It’s a chapter that sets the stage nicely for the coming installments and hints at what is yet to come. Get in on the action at!

Spin Doctor’s “HIDE & SEEK” is back with chapter 5! Questions are answered and the plot thickens as we find out who was in the interrogation cell! Enjoy the action and the customs over at!

Dio-story updates for the holidays!

ghosts_title_130160_thumb.jpgLooking for some reading over the holidays? Go no further than General’s Joes and the latest installment in the “Ghosts” storyline!

Packed full of action and adventure, this is the latest addition in General Hawk’s epic dio-story saga. Check it out here!

Also, be sure to read chapter 4 in Spin Doctor’s bold re-imagining of the early days of the GIJoe team in “Hide & Seek”. Showcasing a number of unique custom figures and some terrific sets, “Hide & Seek” provides a brand-new take on the founding days of everyone’s favorite “Real American Heroes”.