Time To Vote JBL!

Many of you submitted your top ten lists and from those there were over 80 toys!  Ten of those were on more lists then any other and now it’s time to vote which of those are your favorite.  You can select 5 to help organize them and decide which one will be JBL’s #1 G.I.Joe toy!  Go HERE to vote. Anyone and everyone is welcome to vote, don’t miss out on your chance to vote which Joe toy will be #10 to #1!!

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

This becomes a challenge that grows with every passing week. We here at JoeBattleLines are truly fortunate to have so many gifted, talented people who share their imagination with the entire community. I personally try to comment on all (but I know that I’ve missed some)…..and as such, my own creativity has been enhanced.

I’ve wanted to showcase this week’s member, ‘AdrienVeidt’ for a while now. He is one of *THE MOST* creative imaginations I’ve encountered around the Joe community. And he doesn’t limit himself to strictly ‘Joe-themed’ custom work! Search out his work in the custom forum and you will be blown away at not only the designs, but the intricate backstory that he puts into everything he shares.

This week however, I’m going to send you to his current offering, the UA-RiotSNAKE

See y’all next week!!

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

There’s nothing better than having your family working with you…….or in this case, working for each of their 3rd of the take. 😉

‘MadMac41’ has come up with some kicka** looking custom’s to complete the family tree of our favorite ‘Nok leader. Head on over to the custom section and check out Zarana & Zandar !