Reminder: G.I. Joe Concept Case poll first round ends Monday at!

Just a quick reminder– the “Concept Case” poll over at ends Monday!  If you’re dying to see some of those G.I. Joe figures released, make your voice heard BEFORE Monday July 23, 2012.  To vote, just click the image link below.

On the subject of electioneering, some GUNG-HO fans of a certain Innuit mercenary have put together a short video tribute for their top candidate.   Check out their campaign efforts over at and watch the video below:


Lastly, let’s not forget the greatest Marine in the whole of G.I. Joe history– the ragin’ Cajun: GUNG-HO!  Don’t let this be his only original Generation 3 version!  (I don’t count the too-short Walmart Resolute version.)

25th Anniversary Gung-Ho