What is JoeBattlelines?

Back in 2002 I became more active in the online GIJoe fan community.  It started out as mere peeks over at a YoJoe.com and developed into a daily occurance.  Eventually I fell into the world of GIJoe forums and ended up at a fantastic community under the moniker of the “Savage Soundoffs”.  Part of the now-defunct SgtSavage.com, the community was populated by a diverse group of Joe fans– many of whom had migrated over from the forums of Devil’s Due Publishing.  I became intrigued enough to register and became a semi-active member of the community.

Flash forward to 2003…

Through a bizarre series of events a simple offer to help out with the workings of SgtSavage.com turned into an offer – take the helm of the site and the community.  I’d never done anything like it before and had very little experience with web publishing but I knew that I hated to see the community that I’d become a part of simply fade away so I jumped in.  With the help of an old friend (and then co-worker) we brain-stormed a name and JoeBattlelines.com was born.

Initially the site simply mirrored the old content of SgtSavage.com but slowly over time new features were added: Reviews, Interviews, Daily News, and even comic summaries.  JBL also developed a sister site in Sigma6Central.com as well hosted a few other great Joe sites like Magnum6Delta.com and Operation: JMTO.

The result is the site that you see here today– a combination of review archive, news site, fan resource, and web community.  It’s been a bumpy ride at times but it’s been one that I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world.  Most importantly, JBL remains a place where Joe fans of ALL eras (12″, 3.75″, 8″, and now 25A) can come together and share their love of this property we all know as “G.I. Joe”.

Yo Joe!

Fred Meyer

Senior Admin
Founder, JoeBattlelines.com
Inheritor, SgtSavage.com

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