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Eyes of a Hero:

Take a look at this fresh take on some familar filecards written by Brian S. Peterson and designed by Weinz & Paul Kinnear.

GIJoe Technical Manual:

Paul Kinnear provides a stunning look at the gear used by both GIJoe & Cobra forces in the “Battle for Freedom.”

Cobra Troop Identification Guide:

Confused by the various colors and divisions of the armies of COBRA? Look no further than this handy guide to the forces used by Cobra Commander!

Valor vs. Venom: Our Continuing Coverage…

Todd Weinzierl and Eagle Eye Joe bring us continuing coverage of the “Venom Crisis” as reported in major news outlets from around the nation:

Lanny Lathem Speaks! – JBL sits down with Master Collector’s Director of Creative Services

From newsletter layout to web design to figure decos, Lanny Lathem does it all in service of the Collector’s Club. JBL’s Madmac41 was able to sit down with Lanny and find out a bit more about what goes into the design of a Collector’s Convention exclusive set!

Larry Hama: Ninjas without Borders – JBL’s second interview with Larry Hama

Larry Hama returns to a regular GIJoe monthly title with the forthcoming Storm Shadow solo series!

Mark Powers: America’s Elite – JBL interview with Mark Powers

Mark Powers is no stranger to GIJoe in comics. He’s served as the editor of GIJoe: A Real American Hero during Brandon Jerwa’s tenure on the title and now he’s back, this time as the writer for GIJoe: America’s Elite.

Joe-Lanta – Skarapz travels to second-largest GIJoe convention

JBL forum member and GIJoe documentary film-maker Skarapz travelled to Atlanta to attend the second-largest GIJoe convention in the United States.

Mike O’ Sullivan: Declassified! – JBL interview with Mike O’Sullivan

A man of many hats, Mike O’Sullivan serves as both writer and editor at Devil’s Due Publishing. He’s the author of the recently-published Scarlett: Declassified one-shot as well as co-author of the ever-popular Data Desk entries in the various GIJoe titles.

Larry Hama: Declassified! – JBL interview with Larry Hama

He’s the author of the Real American Hero file cards, the classic Marvel Comics GIJoe comic series, the premiere GIJoe Frontline arc, as well as the creator of Bucky O’Hare! Now, Larry Hama returns to tell the origins of the GIJoe team like never before in GIJoe: Declassified!

Andrew Dabb: Sigma-cized! – JBL Interview with Andrew Dabb

Devil’s Due Press announced at the GIJoe Collector’s Convention that they would be released a Sigma 6 mini-series sometime in 2005. JBL was able to sit down with Andrew Dabb, the writer of the forthcoming mini-series, and ask a few questions about just what makes Sigma 6 tick.

The Cutting Edge of GI Joe Licensing – JBL Interview with Atlanta Cutlery/ Museum Replicas

For the first time ever, GIJoe fans will be able to purchase replicas of the swords used by both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Museum Replicas, the same company that produces the swords for the US Marine Corps, has the GIJoe license and they have plans for it. JBL was able to sit down the Museum Replicas and discuss their plans for the future.

Resin Sculpted Heroes – JBL interview with First4Figures

Puzzle Productions and First 4 Figures currently hold licenses to such properties as World Wresting Entertainment, Magic: The Gathering, Doom: The Movie and Transformers. Their newest acquisition is the GI Joe license and they have DEFINITE plans for it. JBL was able to sit down with First4Figures and discuss what the future holds for our favorite Real American Heroes.

“I am GIJoe!” – Luke Ellison’s trip to Hasbro

JBL staffer Luke Ellison was afforded the opportunity of a lifetime when he won a contest in FHM magazine. The prize? Luke was flown out to Hasbro HQ in Pawtucket, RI and given the grand tour. Best of all, he also had his head “scanned” with his likeness to be featured as a forthcoming GIJoe action figure! Luke brought back a fresh intel report on his experiences as well as some great pictures!

Brandon Jerwa: Declassified!

Brandon Jerwa takes on GIJoe’s most enigmatic member in a mini-series that will delve deep into one man’s tragic past! The author of Snake Eyes: Declassified sits down with JBL to answer a few questions about this ground-breaking mini-series.

Marauder Inc Wave 2 Sneak Preview

Marauder John has done it again– with a killer follow-up to his celebrated first wave of 1:18th scale weapons. Check out this first-look at the much-anticipated Wave 2 including my personal favorite, the P90!

Marauder Inc Interview

Debuting at the 2005 Collector’s Convention to rave reviews, Marauder Inc made quite a splash in the Joe community with their custom 1:18 scale weapons. JBL sat down to ask a few questions of “Marauder John”, the 3.75″ Gun Runner himself!

Juniper Music Interview

Eagle Eye Joe talks to studio behind the music for the computer-animated GIJoe films SpyTroops: The Movie & Valor vs. Venom!

Brandon Jerwa Chat transcripts

Current G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero comic writer Brandon Jerwa participated in two chats in the JoeBattlelines chat room. Complete transcripts of those two chats are posted below.


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