There are a great many Joe sites on the internet– full of fantastic customs, original fiction, editorials on the comics, shrines to particular characters, and loaded with reviews. While this is in no way a complete list of Joe sites, these are many of the ones that JBL staff frequent in their travels on the web.

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General GIJoe reference: is the “grand repository” of all information regarding the 3.75″ Real American Hero and GIJoe vs. Cobra lines. If you’re trying to ID a figure or part, or just want to see all the versions of Gung Ho ever released, this is THE place to go!

Nobody, and I mean “nobody”, covers the main GIJoe comics continuity like JMM’s Comics Home page. The site features a complete GIJoe chronology page, series summaries and reviews, character profiles and more! In 2005, JMM’s and partnered together to form the GIJoe comics forum, hosted at! is dedicated the the “new continuity” GIJoe series of the same name. Founded by Phil Kost in 2004, it is now the home of the Joe Comics Forum– the internet’s only forum dedicated to GIJoe in comic book form. If you’re looking for covers, articles, or design sketches from Reloaded or just to talk about Joe in comics form, this is the place to go.

GIJoe Comics Forum

The only forum on the web that is SOLELY dedicated to the discussion of GIJoe in comic book form. Featuring the combined efforts of JMM’s Comics Page & this forum is the THE place to go to have all of your comic questions answered!


The single largest collection of GIJoe custom figures on the web, lives up to its name. Whether you’re looking for some interesting new visions on classic characters, or love to see redesigns of many of your favorites, this is the place to go. There’s also a fantastic repository of images and graphics available for download.

Commando Customs

A relatively new site, Commando Customs is a terrific place for customizers to show off their latest work, talk shop, and brainstorm with fellow customizers in very laid back forum setting!

Dio-stories & fan fiction:

If you’re a dio-story addict like I am or just love looking at dynamic pictures of “Joes in action”, then you’ll love Started by Hammerfel, this site is a repository of dio-story links as well as chock-full of galleries of GIJoe photography. The site also has forms and dio-story resources unlike any other place on the web!

Hammerfel is the author of “Disciple”– an in-progress dio-story that features innovative uses of both visual effects and web design. If you’re looking to see the GvC sculpts in action, then this is the place to go!

Home to Operation: Rapier! Violentfix is one of the most creative dio-story writers out there today!

Everyone has a story to tell, and every fan has their vision of the GIJoe universe. If you love Joe fiction, look no further that Some of the finest original Joe writings can be found in this one site.

If the internet has a single pre-eminent source for GIJoe reviews, it’s Home to some of the most ambitious dio-stories and complete reviews, this is the place to go if you want to see a review of the latest Joe products to hit the shelves!

Resurrection is one my single favorite dio-stories and it’s found at! Home to the Iconoclasts, GIJoe: Resurrection, and GIJoe: Terror, this site offers some fantastic dio work as well as an informative “behind the scenes” look at how several key shots were put together.

Original artwork:

The homepage of the author/artist for Lil Joes as well as the source for the “Brock Lee Redesigns” of classic characters. Brock is an amazingly talented artist who has an amazing eye for all things Joe! Also, be sure to check out his other original comic-related artwork!

Todd Weinzierl’s personal pixel playground on the web! If you don’t know “The Database” then you don’t know what you’re missing. Chock full of filecard redesigns, screensavers, and fantastic character and vehicle profiles, Todd’s site is not to be missed.

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