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So, according to the presentation at Toy Fair 2014 it would seem that G.I. Joe WILL be receiving new product in 2014, thanks to mass toy retailer Toys R Us.  According to the information provided below– there will be new Kre-O and 1:18 scale two-packs and vehicles.  More information to follow as Hasbro releases the official PR images.

NOTE: Only the new Kre-O items are being shown at the event today.

Friend of JBL Michael Breaux of The Breaux Show was on site for this year’s Hasbro Brand Entertainment Preview Event held on February 15, 2014 at 1pm EST.  This page combines his onsite coverage with any official Hasbro press images of G.I. Joe-related product shown at the event.

To follow him live, visit @TheBreauxShow on Twitter.

7:30pm CST – Justin Bell of offers an excellent breakdown of the 50th Anniversary line.

6:40pm CSTOfficial press release and images from Hasbro have been posted and set descriptions updated!

3:31pm CST – Here’s the latest as we’ve been able to confirm.

Toys R Us exclusive 50th Anniversary Two-packs

  • Night Marksmen: Low Light vs. Night Viper
  • Arctic Ambush: Snow Job vs. Arctic Bat
  • Heated Battle: Blowtorch vs. Heat Viper
  • Social Clash: Lady Jaye vs. Baroness

Toys R Us exclusive 3-packs

  • The Vipers Pit: Cobra Trooper, Cobra Viper, Beach Head
  • The Eagles Edge: Destro, Leather Neck and Hawk

Toys R Us exclusive Vehicle packs

  • Danger at the Docks: VAMP Mk 2 (Urban) w/ Flint vs. Cobra Night Landing w/ Eel
  • Danger at the Docks – Comic Con: VAMP Mk 2 (original) w/ Flint vs. Cobra Landing Craft w/ Eel
  • Battle Below Zero – COBRA Wolf w/ Ice Viper vs. Arctic SkyHawk w/ Snake Eyes

Kre-O Toys R Us Exclusive sets:

  • 24 individual single-packed figures:   Air Adventurer, Airborne, Atomic Man (aka Mike Power), Budo, Chuckles, Cobra Air Trooper, Cobra Eel, Cobra Shock Trooper, Cobra Viper, Doc, Footloose, Lady Jaye Low-Light, Nemesis Enforcer, Night Creeper, Night Viper, Nunchuck,, Scrap Iron, Snow Serpent, Tomax, Torch, Tripwire, Wet Suit, Zartan
  • Outpost Defense with (97 pieces) – includes Cobra Ferret and Outpost Defender, Storm Shadow v2  and Beach Head.
  • Firebat Attack with (292 pieces) – includes  Firebat, Wolverine, Bazooka, Recondo
  • Cobra Terror-Drome (856 pieces) – includes Gung Ho, Hawk, Mainframe, Serpentor, and Xamot

Images to follow!

1:58pm Images have been posted on the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Facebook page!


12:54pm CST – Updated info on the new 1:18 items.  Looks like they will be Toys R Us exclusive.

  • Low Light vs, Night Viper
  • Snow Job Vs Artic BAT,
  • Blowtorch Vs Heat Viper,
  • Cobra Trooper and Cobra Viper Officer
  • More to follow


  • Snow Wolf
  • Arctic Skyhawk and
  • Vamp MKII w/ Flint and
  • Urban Night Landing Raft w/ Cobra Eel.

12:46pm CST – New 1:18 product is coming, possibly from this past year’s Concept Case:

  • #hasbropreview GiJoe. 3 3/4 figures. Not in showroom. Showing at joe on possibly. No pics. VS packs. Heat viper. Night viper. Lady jaye.
  • #hasbropreview GIJoe new cobra vamp snow wolf night landing. Holy moly. Classic looking molds. Wow!!

12:43pm CST – New Kre-O Joe coming to Toys R Us in 2014:



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