Lil Joes!

JBL Presents: Lil Joes!

Written and illustrated by Brock Hor, Jr.

Little Joes by Brocklee

Earlier on in the site’s inception, I had an idea to create a section of the site specifically for kids. The art that I had suggested to Brock was the Joes and COBRAs as children – ala the X-Babies in Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men. Nothing serious, just some off-the wall fun. The piece that he created, as you can see at the top of this page, was incredibly well received in the fan community. Brock decided to take it one step further and create an exclusive web comic for our site.

What you’re about to read is the fruit of his labor – now enjoy “Lil Joes”. And if you like this, please don’t be amiss in checking out all of Brock’s fantastic art on his own site, Brocklee.Com!

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