Joe Con 2012: Day 1 – unproduced G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary figures…

Joe Con 2012 coverage continues with a look at several unproduced G.I. Joe figures.

Much like the Renegades images– this set just makes me a bit sad.  Some of the figures shown are ones that I was looking forward to since the 30th anniversary line-up was announced.  Sadly, they’re now falling into the category of unproduced G.I. Joe figures that are headed into the concept case of obscurity.

Three of the most anticipated but now unproduced G.I. Joe figures for this fan?

  • Kwinn
  • Flint
  • Lady Jaye

Even the much-lamented Data Viper is a figure that piqued my curiosity.  However, as of now, none of these figures are slated to see release– save for hopefully Kwinn.

Check out Photonut’s Day 1 unproduced G.I. Joe images below:


Joe Con 2012: Hasbro’s Vault– unproduced Arashikage and Zombie figures

Seriously– Hasbro pulled out all of the stops this year with their “Vault” offerings.  Some of the unproduced items included an entire series of Arashikage ninja as well as an insanely cool ZOMBIE series that included Compound Z-infected versions of Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Steel Brigade, and a Cobra Viper.  

Remember– the rule of the day is: Playing with Compound Z in school isn’t cool!

Check out Photonut’s pics below!

Joe Con 2012: Hasbro’s unproduced Renegades figures…

Photonut is on the scene and been providing pics when he can.  (Plus, the admin is a bit late in getting these posted.)  Friday Hasbro unveiled part 1 of their “Vault”– a series of figures and vehicles that were in development but never saw final production.  Up first– the much lamented G.I. Joe: Renegades ANIMATED figures.

Some of these are pretty close to what actually hit shelves (Tunnel Rat, Scarlet, Ripcord) but some of these are pretty radically different.  The less I say about the reveal of the Coyote the better– otherwise you’ll see a grown admin cry.

Check out the pics below!