JoeCon 2012: Parachute figure revealed as Retaliation movie trooper!

You’ve got to hand it to the Club sometimes.  (Yes, I did just say that.)  In the wake of the 11th hour rescheduling of the release of G.I. Joe Retaliation, the GIJCC found itself with a HUGE gap in its convention schedule.  However, the traditional parachute drop was added back and figures were produced at the last minute.  Today, fans found out what those were.

The Cobra “Stealth” Paratrooper is a repaint of the Retaliation Cobra Trooper— parachute and all.

It’s a completely logical move, actually.  The figure was already designed to work WITH a parachute and is a mold that Hasbro most certainly could produce a fast run of figures on.   I do have to admit– the paratroopers DO look a lot like Snake Eyes.  Still, kudos to the Club for pulling this one off.

(Photos courtesy of Madmac41, &


JoeCon 2012: More in hand images from the G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention

Photonut and Madmac braved the line for the Club store last night and were able to snag the convention exclusives for this year.   Being the Joe fans that they are those items were immediately freed from their plastic prisons and pictures were snapped!  Here’s what they brought back:

Annihilator 3-Pack (LE 650)


IG Ground Assault 2-Pack (LE 1,000) — the Sergeant Major & Darklon



OG Attack Helicopter (LE 600)


Soviet Convoy Truck w/ 3 Tops (LE 500)


No sign of the Cobra Stealth Paratrooper which won’t show up until the parachute drop later this morning.  Personally, I’m willing to bet we see a Retaliation Cobra Trooper given the short time that the Club had to put the drop together after the rescheduling of the movie’s release date.

More pics as they come in!

JoeCon 2012: Images trickling in from across the web

The official registration hasn’t opened yet but last night Golden Ticket holders were able to pick up their con sets and receive the attendee bonus exclusive item– the Russian repainted Snarler cycle with side car.

A quick check of the web revealed that the crew over at HISS Tank have rushed to get some nice light-boxed in-hand images uploaded.  I’ve mirrored a few of them below but you can check out the entire gallery over at  There’s also the images from Madmac41 and Photonut from last night.

All-in-all it’s a pretty solid set!  While I’m not overly crazy about the long-coated Iron Grenadiers I’m positively giddy over the Oktober Guard figures.  (Okay, even Iron Bear who still looks like he’s 12.  What?  Comrade Doogie Hauser is now in Russian high command?!!)

It looks like Operation: Bear Trap is going to go down in the books as “one of the good ones.”

Now someone get their hands on the all-but-revealed Darklon already!!

Joe Con 2012: The exclusives revealed– sort of…

Madmac41 is down on the scene at the 2012 Joe Con in New Orleans and has sent on this information regarding the 2012 Convention Exclusives.  (Thanks to his Golden Ticket.)

  • Annihilator 3-Pack (LE 650)
  • IG Ground Assault 2-Pack (LE 1,000)
  • Cobra Stealth Paratrooper (LE 500)
  • OG Attack Helicopter (LE 600)
  • Soviet Convoy Truck w/ 3 Tops (LE 500)

Also revealed was the attendee exclusive- a Russian repaint of the Snarler!  (Picture of Madmac41’s bike– courtesy of

More details as they emerge…


EDIT– I received a pair of pics last night from Photonut showing Horrorshow and the sidecar of the Joe Con Snarler.  It looks like Stepan needs to lay off the borscht if he’s going to be riding shotgun any time soon!  Still, an updated Oktober Guard is something that has been top of many Joe fan’s “wish list” for some time now so it looks like the Club has another hit on their hands!

Joe Con 2012: Oktober Guard sets might see second production run?!

There are days that the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club surprises me– and today is one of those days.  It’s no secret that the 2012 Operation: Bear Trap convention sets sold out in near-record time.  Whether this was due to a smaller production run or the popularity of the Oktober Guard or both remains to be seen yet the Club sent out a surprising email over the weekend to its membership:

Hello all!

Just as a CHECK and we are NOT saying we are going to do this…..

We are curious as to how many of you did not get the Oktober Guard set and would still like to order one (boxed only)?  We don’t know if there is enough demand left to meet the MOQ (minimum order quantity) with the manufacturer.

In addition, we have NOT cleared any potential additional manufacturing quantities with Hasbro.  So that we have an idea and can better serve you with future sets, if you would be interested in a set (IF it were possible to make more and it was approved), please fill out the attached spreadsheet with ALL of the information requested by Monday, July 2nd and return it to this email’s return address (  We will only analyze spreadsheets that are returned and will not count/look at information in the email as this is a huge task.

We will analyze the data and see how much demand is still pending and we will let you know soon after July second if there is enough demand to warrant a second run. There should be no variation in the two runs.

I don’t want anyone to get false hopes but we don’t know what the potential demand is unless we ask.  So, at this point assume that we will not be making any additional sets.

Thanks for helping us gauge your desires!


For years, the comment directed back at those who complained about the inaccessibility of convention sets (in terms of both price and production run) was that the sets were meant to be for those who attended the actual convention.  Now, with the release of this email the Collector’s Club seems to be indicating a real shift in their thinking– that maybe convention sets could be offered as “club sets” instead.   (Let’s face it, there is NO WAY IN HADES that these would be ready by the con which means that the number of Homefront Hero packages will increase if this goes through.)  There is no doubt in my mind that a second production run would see any sort of decreased cost– meaning that instead this will generate more revenue for the Club at a time when the economy and infrastructure needs have most likely tapped the coffers a bit.

So, is this a good idea or a bad one?


Joe Con 2012: Oktober Guard sets are SOLD OUT! (Non-attending)

The following email was sent out to Club Members earlier this afternoon:

Hello all!

It took just a little over 3 hours for the non-attending Oktober Guard sets to sell out!  We did not have that many to put online for those not coming to the convention. We wish there were more, but there are not.  Please do not call about these sets as there is nothing the customer representatives can do.

I have been asked how a member could not get a set.  Well the answer is that these are convention exclusives, not member exclusives.  They go first to the people attending the convention, then to non-attending fans.  It is very difficult to call the number from year to year and we try to make the best guess we can.

We sill have 12″ sets both attending and non-attending available.  There are just a few attending Oktober Guard sets left.  If you have already ordered one, you cannot order another.

Looking forward to a great convention!

See you in NOLA!


For those of you that missed out on the set– it looks Ebay is your only option now.  However, there are still a few remaining attending sets left so if you’re debating going to the Con, now is the time!

Opinion: “The GI Joe Collector’s Club needs to be immediately disbanded”

Once upon a time, if a person wanted to voice their opinion about a topic to the general public and and not do so in “real time”, he or she submitted a “Letter to the Editor”.  The author could write up their opinions and position and have it posted for all to see.  Along came technology and this concept evolved: businesses and institutions use social media to better communicate with their clients, fan clubs have forums and message boards, and groups of fans are able to come together in the form of online communities.  All of this breeds a climate where ideas can be freely exchanged and both praise and criticism can be shared.  It’s the “Letter to the Editor v3.0”.

No one can dispute the fact that 2012 has been a year of blunders and missteps for the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club.  Pretty much anything that could go wrong with the Club’s various endeavors has and the organization has been left scrambling to communicate details and a positive message.  However, it would seem that the issues might go back further than that.  Presented below is an item that dropped in my inbox today– an editorial from a long-time member of the Collector’s Club who has had enough.  It is presented in its entirety– with only the author’s identity removed at his/her request.

 The GI Joe Collector’s Club needs to be immediately disbanded: One betrayed former collector’s 11 year long rant

I’m done. DONE. I have enjoyed collecting both 12″ and 33/4″ GI Joe figures for over 20 years now. I’ve enjoyed it with my children.  I’ve enjoyed showing that what Daddy wore when he was in the service, while they were fascinated with characters like Snake Eyes and Destro.  But now, thanks solely to the GI Joe Collector’s Club, an organization who exists only to cater to people like me, I am so disgusted with the hobby as a whole, I am walking away.

Over the last 10 years, the GIJCC has become increasingly greedy, arrogant, mismanaged and unapologetic to the people it professes to serve. I blame it on the dollar signs I saw in the eyes of Brian Savage (the Club owner, directer, patriarch, resident Kool-Aid mixer, der Fuhrer, etc) when he got the OK from Hasbro to take over the Transformers Collector’s Club several years ago. The Transformers brand is a worldwide seller, with many more members with much, much deeper pockets. The GIJCC has been a small, family run club for many years, so giving them a cash cow like Botcon was bound to turn them into the money grubbing, greed-mongering, carpet-bagging bridge trolls they have become. But as I have watched their slow decline, I held out hope that the core tenets of my precious GI Joe fan club would remain unchanged in the face of it’s more lucrative younger brother, that they would still put on a family friendly event that we could afford, still put out product I can be proud to display and play with, and still make me and my children happy. As of today, I have had enough. Continue reading

Joe Con 2012: Non-attendee registration is now open

Registration is now LIVE for NON-ATTENDING packages for  the 2012 Collector’s Convention in New Orleans, LA.

To sign up, visit the Registration page now!

Here’s the package matrix once again:

Joe Con 2012 package matrix

And… the Operation Bear Trap set images:

Go get ’em Homefront Heroes!

Joe Con 2012: Registration is now LIVE!

Registration is now LIVE for those planning to attend the 2012 Collector’s Convention in New Orleans, LA.  Those interested in non-attending packages have been told to “wait a few days.”

To sign up, visit the Registration page now!

Here’s the package matrix once again:

Joe Con 2012 package matrix

And… the Operation Bear Trap set images:

JoeCon 2012: Online registration for attendees SHOULD be today

If you’re a member of the Collector’s Club then you no doubt have been receiving a steady stream of emails with updates on the status of online registration for the 2012 Collector’s Convention in New Orleans.  With the con happening in just over a month, many fans are eager to sign-up and stake their claim on one of the anticipated Operation Bear Trap convention sets.

According to the latest word, registration should go live some time today:

Hello all!

Well, once again I have to tell you registration is not going to be up today.  I’m going to give them all day tomorrow to retest the system so we will try again on Wednesday.   There are some individual browsers that are creating java issues with required fields and we don’t want your information to come in incomplete as this could hinder your registration being approved.

Again, just to make sure when it does go live that your registration is error free, please review the new package matrix and the FAQs.

Thanks  for your patience.

See you in NOLA!


Keep your eyes peeled on the 2012 Convention page for more information.