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G.I. Joe Movie Sequel News – and a “Accelerator Suited” Horse . . ?

Comicbookresources.com reports on a couple interesting little tidbits for the coming Joe sequel.

First, a Korean site quotes Lee Byeong-Heon as saying he begins filming before the end of the year.

Second, Sci-Fi Wire has a great quote from Mr. Quaid: “I want to get out of the Pit … I want to ride a horse and shoot a gun. I want a horse with an accelerator suit,” jokes the actor. You can check out the whole interview here

“Rise of Cobra” at $133.8M going into the weekend.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

The summer movie season is over and the box office has definitely cooled down.

As of Thursday, September 4, 2009, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has earned $133,821,730 domestically and $131,726,913 internationally.  This means that the first-ever live-action venture for the G.I. Joe team has pulled in $265,548,643 as of yesterday in total.  (Source: BoxOfficeMojo.com)

How does this put the film in the standings for 2009?

Both in the US and international market the film ranks 14th in overall gross for the year, putting it ahead of Terminator Salvation, Watchmen, and the much-hyped Angels & Demons.  It also means that the film is behind such box office hits as Transformers 2, The Hangover (surprise hit of the year), Star Trek, and even Wolverine: Origins.

The film has made money, that’s for certain.  With a hefty production budget of $175M it hasn’t made the same cash that Transformers 2 did– as RoC had half the opening weekend Michael Bay’s overly-loud sequel did.  However, word of mouth for the film has been good – despite the trouncing that it took from film critics who were denied an early preview.

Will we have an officially green-lit and announced sequel by the end of the year?  Time will tell but with the film apparently hitting on DVD December 7, 2009 just in time for the Christmas season it only seems likely that RoC will continue to earn revenue for both Paramount and Hasbro.  (Note: this DVD release date has not yet been officially announced by Paramount for the US market.)

Either way, the film wasn’t the bomb it was predicted to be and has ushered in a whole new era for the G.I. Joe franchise – pulling in new and old fans alike.

And now you know…

Walmart “Rise of Cobra” figures listed… sort of…

walmartRemember the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”?  The final scene where the Ark is crated up and hauled off into a seemingly endless warehouse full of other boxes- apparently never to be seen again?

Such is the fate of the “Rise of Cobra” two packs on Walmart.com.  They don’t show up under the “action figures” or “G.I. Joe” categories and they do not show up if any of the character names are searched.

Thanks to our sister-site GeneralsJoes.com, we at least have links to the sold-out products.  (They were in stock for all of one day.)

  • Gung Ho vs. Copperhead
  • Shockblast vs. Night Creeper
  • Tunnel Rat vs. Monkeywrench
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    More “Rise of Cobra” figure reviews from Alexx!

    JBL board member Alexx is back with more reviews of recent “Rise of Cobra” figures.  Mixing humor with practicality, his observations on these new releases are sure to bring a smile to the face of any Joe fan.

    You can check out these fan reviews and more in the Mission Debriefing forum!

    New “Rise of Cobra” vehicles in stock at HasbroToyShop.com!

    For those of you who are still recovering from the onslaught of new products that were shown at the 2009 Collector’s Convention, I have some good news!

    HasbroToyShop.com has the following vehicles in stock and ready to ship:

    Go get ’em Joes!!  Remember “GIJoe10” saves 10% off the order total!

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    “Joeing is Half the Battle!” – PvP Online

    The web comic PvPonline takes a fun stab at G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in a recent  comic.  While the movie isn’t quite so exaggerated it’s a fun look at the new “RoC” Joe universe.

    I’ve mirrored the comic below but you can find the original HERE.

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