JBL Fan Content Update 9/22/09


Here’s some of the super groovy work being put out by the joe-fans at JBL.


Multiple Updates by pbarny
Dio Stand Thingy by MacGyver
Custom Dragonhawk by Lt. Storm
Outback, Salvo, Recondo, Beach-Head by madmac41
Monkeywrench, Hotwire by Underbrush
October Guard by Alpine
Fixed Commando Viper by SNAKE_EYES1975
Reactive Armor Stalker by Alexx
ROC Viper by Digitalself


ROC Mini-Dio by General Hawk
Bending Minds by MightyMegs
1/18th Scale Fun by Underbrush

G.I. Joe Movie Sequel News – and a “Accelerator Suited” Horse . . ?

Comicbookresources.com reports on a couple interesting little tidbits for the coming Joe sequel.

First, a Korean site quotes Lee Byeong-Heon as saying he begins filming before the end of the year.

Second, Sci-Fi Wire has a great quote from Mr. Quaid: “I want to get out of the Pit … I want to ride a horse and shoot a gun. I want a horse with an accelerator suit,” jokes the actor. You can check out the whole interview here

JBL Fan Content Update 9-16



Hey all, here is some of the excellent work being put out by fans on JBL right now! 



Track Viper by Alexx

Resolute Syle Customs by Slaymaker

Dial Tone, Gung Ho, Tunnel Rat by Madmac41

Big Boa by Ratfink

Dios, Art, and Photowork:

‘Trouble Down the Alley’ by drjoejustice

Swimsuit Agent Helix by Lt Storm