50% off Rise of Cobra Bravo vehicles at TRU today only!

According to the Toys R Us email that hit my inbox this morning, on December 1st ONLY TRU will be running a promotion of 50% off all G.I. Joe Bravo class vehicles from the “Rise of Cobra” line.  This  promotion is valid both in-store and online and includes:

The special does NOT appear to include the newer Pursuit of Cobra vehicles.  However, this might be a good time to snag some extra Joe schwag for Toys For Tots this year.

Rise of Cobra Pit playset now $20 at ToysRUs.com

If you were on the fence about the Rise of Cobra movie Pit playset, this could be your best chance to pick one up. ToysRUs.com is currently listing the Pit Mobile Headquarters for a whopping $19.98— marked down from the MSRP of $99.99.

Rise of Cobra Pit playset

Rise of Cobra Pit playset

Reviews of the set were mixed upon its release.  Some fans praised it as an innovative play and display environment.  Others compared it to a giant land boat.  Regardless, $20.00 + shipping nets fans an exclusive Dennis Quaid General Hawk figure, a coffee mug, and a card board ping pong table at the bare minimum.  Shipping seems to be estimated at $10.42 by default which means that for $30.40, the Pit could be yours.

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2010 Habro Q & A Round 4 Answers!

1.) Many of us love the realistic look that has set G.I. Joe apart from other military action figures.  The PoC line looks to be the most realistic yet, but in the last round of Q&A’s, you said the cartoon line would be the main focus once it’s released.  Are there any plans to satisfy the fans who continue to want the more realistic figures?

A.) We recognize the fans’ love of the current styling and we love it as well. However, we look forward to the future for G.I. JOE as well so keep checking back for updates.

2.) With retailers being quirky with their distribution, and many having Neo-Vipers and “Attack on the Pit” Baronesses still in excess, how is the ‘Big H’ going to alter the case assortments so new things can get through to collectors and kids?  Everyone gets a fair chance at new things, but figures peg warming can have the long-term side effect of keeping new product off the shelves until the old product sells.  Although you can’t always predict which figures are going to be hot and which ones will sit on the pegs, is there anything you can do to shake items up before they get to the stores; or do you have a contingency plan in case they never leave?

A.) We are always working on our wave strategy with our assortments. As you mention we don’t always know which figures will sell best but we have enough experience to take some good guesses. We’re always looking to ensure that there is newness in the shelf and availability for everyone.

3.) Has the positive reaction in the PoC line (especially Low-Light) affected the design team with the upcoming toys in terms of design and gear the figures carry?  And will they continue to come with a plethora of great gear that is specific to his or her specialties?

A.) The Design Team, like our fans, is excited to bring the characters of G.I. Joe to life in toy form. For Pursuit of Cobra, the best way to do this was through the gear, which has a way of telling a story about that character. Sometimes that personality comes through with lots of gear, sometimes it comes through with the costume cues. The key is making each hero or villain a unique “specialist” who is unique from other team members.

Q & A Round 3 2010 Answers!

Hasbro's Q & A sessions

Hasbro returned their answers to your questions from Round 3 of the bi-monthly GIJoe Q&A. 

1) In the past we the fans have been able to utilize the Q & A as a way to express to the Joe design team what characters we would like for them to bring back to figure form, What is the best way for us to get that message out to them now?


2) Is the POC line (or a new theme line) going to continue alongside the Cartoon line until the Joe Movie II line starts?
A-2) The Pursuit of Cobra line will end when the G.I. Joe Renegades line hits stores. Unfortunately it is still too early to discuss a line in support of any possible movie sequel.

3) Can tell us anything more about this new cartoon, like are they going to stick to the core of the original characters or are we going to see more gender and race swapping. Are you going to keep dynamics like Flint & Lady Jaye?

A-3) G.I. Joe Renegades can be viewed as an origins story for the 1980’s G.I. Joe vs. Cobra saga. In this way, the core essence and spirit of the brand and key characters will be clearly recognizable in the show to fans of the 1980’s. But as with most “re-imaginings” there may be some differences versus the 80’s.

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Toy Fair 2010 coverage rolls in from across the web!

This weekend many Joe fans were hunkered down over their computers hitting “refresh” waiting for the latest news from the International Toy Fair in New York City.  News and pics have started pouring in at the sites listed below:





So, new figures– or at least redeco’ed “Pursuit of Cobra” figures with no more movie likenesses, new vehicles, Sigma 6 Mechs overhauled, Resolute 7 packs, and more.  It seems that the line is in transition yet again but at least the Resolute figures are FINALLY seeing the light of day.

RoC Walmart exclusive Ninja Battles set out!

Last night, during an impulse toy run prior to beginning “Turkey Day” preparations, I spotted the Walmart-exclusive “Ninja Battles” set at my local store.  (Pekin, IL for those of you in the area.)  They were stocked in abundance with at least 12 units on the shelf– three times what remains of the exclusive Battle Stations in this particular store.  

For those of you who are interested– they’re out!

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GI Joe, Star Wars, Wolverine Origins – Buy One Get One Free at Kmart!

kmart-logoNow through Wednesday, November 25, 2009 Kmart is offering a “buy one, get one free” sale on all GIJoe, Star Wars, and Wolverine Origins basic action figures!

With the economy being what it is right now and with toy prices higher than in previous years hopefully this will help clear out some of the glut of various action figure product that has been clogging store shelves for some time.  Also, Kmart stores have regularly been receiving shipments of the “City Strike Snake Eyes” wave so this is a good chance to grab some Resolute-goodness before the insanity of the Christmas shopping season.

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