2010 Habro Q & A Round 4 Answers!

1.) Many of us love the realistic look that has set G.I. Joe apart from other military action figures.  The PoC line looks to be the most realistic yet, but in the last round of Q&A’s, you said the cartoon line would be the main focus once it’s released.  Are there any plans to satisfy the fans who continue to want the more realistic figures?

A.) We recognize the fans’ love of the current styling and we love it as well. However, we look forward to the future for G.I. JOE as well so keep checking back for updates.

2.) With retailers being quirky with their distribution, and many having Neo-Vipers and “Attack on the Pit” Baronesses still in excess, how is the ‘Big H’ going to alter the case assortments so new things can get through to collectors and kids?  Everyone gets a fair chance at new things, but figures peg warming can have the long-term side effect of keeping new product off the shelves until the old product sells.  Although you can’t always predict which figures are going to be hot and which ones will sit on the pegs, is there anything you can do to shake items up before they get to the stores; or do you have a contingency plan in case they never leave?

A.) We are always working on our wave strategy with our assortments. As you mention we don’t always know which figures will sell best but we have enough experience to take some good guesses. We’re always looking to ensure that there is newness in the shelf and availability for everyone.

3.) Has the positive reaction in the PoC line (especially Low-Light) affected the design team with the upcoming toys in terms of design and gear the figures carry?  And will they continue to come with a plethora of great gear that is specific to his or her specialties?

A.) The Design Team, like our fans, is excited to bring the characters of G.I. Joe to life in toy form. For Pursuit of Cobra, the best way to do this was through the gear, which has a way of telling a story about that character. Sometimes that personality comes through with lots of gear, sometimes it comes through with the costume cues. The key is making each hero or villain a unique “specialist” who is unique from other team members.