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Just in time for the GIJCC in Orlando, the staff at JoeDeclassified ( have opened their forums for the general public! The staff at JoeDeclassified, led by site owner (and JBL Mod/ Admin) Sam “Nomad” Damon, have diligently worked to put together some of the most comprehensive and informative newsletters on the increasingly vast subject of G.I. Joe. The JoeDeclassified team will be represented at the GIJCC in Orlando from March 31 – April 2 with a booth and copies of the long-awaited Newsletter #4. It will focus on the many incarnations of the G.I. Joe comic books.

Be sure to stop by on the forums at (, register and let them know what you think of their work (and possibly submit new ideas for future issues) today!

The Joe Declassified Project returns to the 2010 G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention

The Joe Declassified Project will return to the G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention this year, and arriving back with a bang. For those that were able to visit us last year, you were privy to see some of the coolest and most revealing Joe items of your collecting career. This year, we plan to return with more of the same, as well as another issue of our free newsletter! This one will is in full color, and it comes in at almost 30 pages of Joe material, including a huge behind the scenes peek at the making of the G.I. Joe movie by one of the Rise of Cobra’s Production Assistants, Josh Eggebeen. If you love this hobby like we do, then come on by our booth!

The Joe Declassified Mission Statement:

We feel that it is high time that we, the fans of G.I. Joe, take up the responsibility of ensuring the growth of our hobby – both in wealth of knowledge, and broadening the fan base to welcome everyone into the overarching community. As collectors, we have all spoken of, or heard others speak of things they wish to see in the community; secrets to be revealed, collecting tools made available, and so forth. We aim to go out of our way to ensure these voices are heard, and these desires become reality. We wish to work with other existing groups that are fan owned, operated and oriented, and seek to put aside those here solely to profit at the collectors expense; those who hold no love for our hobby.

We are putting our money where our mouth is. None of our endeavors will be for profit. A stronger, collaborative community is reward enough. Our newsletter was, and will continue to be, free to the collector. Our website aims to aid fellow collectors in every way possible, while stripping away old trappings that have discouraged us all in the past. With you, we will forge a stronger and united community based on sharing, inclusion and assistance. Now is the time for us to all come together and lead G.I. Joe back to being the number one toy brand is has been various times in the past. With you, we can make this happen. The future is yours.

Thank you for making this hobby better,

Sam “Nomad” Damon

Molten Monkey International Debuting New 1:18 Original Toy License at JoeCon!


Molten Monkey International Debuting New Original Toy License at Joe Con 2010!

Molten Monkey International LLC is proud to announce a line of 1:18 action figures, vehicles, and playsets based on characters from an all-new original story. MMI has been working with distinguished toy designers Ron Rudat and Guy Cassaday to bring action figures back to their roots. Some of their amazing designs will be on display at the Molten Monkey booth. Guy Cassaday will be in attendance at the MMI booth to sign autographs and discuss anything related to the new toy line, his history with GI Joe, and his work with Tonka. Ron Rudat will also be present at the show as a special guest of Master Collector and Joe Con 2010.

Guy Cassaday

Guy Cassaday’s extensive and diverse career in product design and illustration has contributed to some of the most significant American toy concepts in the last three decades including the redesign of the iconic Tonka Mighty Dump Truck. His career at Tonka led to the design of other construction vehicles, bringing to life his love of vehicle design. A brief stint at Playskool in Chicago led Guy to Hasbro, Inc. where he excelled as the premier GI Joe vehicle designer known for large vehicles such as the Mobile Command Center, Persuader, Sky Storm, Conquest and Rolling Thunder. In 1997, Guy launched Cassaday Design, Inc. and branched off into general consumer product design while keeping his hand in the toy industry.

Ron Rudat

Ron Rudat started working for Hasbro Toy Company in 1971 as an illustrator, eventually working his way up to Senior Designer in his 28 year tenure. Starting in 1980, Ron was responsible for figure designs of the Real American Hero toy line continuing through the 1987 assortment. In addition, he designed accessories, vehicles, weapons, and many of the logos including the infamous Cobra logo. He now runs and owns Bright Ideas! Design, Inc. doing freelance for such companies as Hasbro, Mattel, Toybiz, among others. He and his son, Tristan Rudat, have also been working on a documentary telling the story of the artists and designers responsible for bringing GIJOE to life.

Don’t forget to stop by the Molten Monkey International booth at Joe Con 2010 in April, in Providence, Rhode Island. There will be freebies given away, and the official website will go live after the convention. Hope to see you all there!