Scarlett’s Saturday Special

This week’s spotlight come from member ‘Nighthawk’. He created a custom Strato Viper back in February, but has recently updated his thread to show off the ‘removable helmet’ feature. (Maybe its the fact that I’ve got ‘Toy Story 3’ on the brain, but all I can hear is the green aliens going “OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo” 😉 )

In all serious though, this custom is cool and reminds me of the ‘toon. Head on over and Check it out!

Scarlett’s Saturday Special (Sunday edition)

Sorry gang, its been one heckuva week for me, but since I’m sitting here enjoying a cup o’ Joe……I figured I’d browse through Custom Central Command and find something to showcase.

And boy did I!! Member ‘swampmojo’ has done something really cool……..he’s made our favorite android soldiers BIGGER!!! Head over and check out his B.A.T. M1 & M2 !!!!!

I think even the Sarge would have a hard time defeating that one!!!

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

Ok, Ok, OK!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a while, and we’ve had a TON of new custom work grace the ‘Custom Central Command’ section.

But in light of the recent passing of a fellow fan (and friend of mine), I chose to highlight JBL member ‘swampmojo’s take on Major Bludd.

His take on our favorite Major is very cool….it reminds me of the grittiness that Sebastian Bludd has always portrayed.



                                      Outside the Box custom figure contest at JBL

Get ready for the most challenging custom contest ever. Here is the simple breakdown you register by submitting a character you want to see customized, I randomly assign the contestants the submitted characters and you have one month to finish and submit to me via PM your finished work. Here are the complete rules. Here’s where you go to submit your registration!

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

That’s right gang, we’re back!!

I know that its been a few weeks since we’ve had the ‘S3’ featured on the front page, but let’s just say that Scarlett was out on a *CLASSIFIED* mission and couldn’t stop to pick a special. 😉

So without further ado, I give you this week’s spotlight. Once again, board member ‘liquidisk’ has shown us his superior MAD skills on customizing the women of G.I. JOE (Hasbro, take note-you *might* want to hire this guy!)

Here is his take on Helix

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

Ok gang, this week’s spotlight is going to a longtime member who has shared his talents previously by his ‘Create-a-Character’ contests.

‘Yoho Joe’ has been hard at work on something he calls ‘Project: Epsilon’. Below are links to his work-take a few minutes and admire these most awesome customs!

We’ll be back here again next week…until then, grab those peanut butter ‘n chocolate easter eggs and enjoy….YO JOE!!!

SPC Lifeline
Agent Jinx
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Colonel Stalker

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

Hey Gang!

Sorry to be bringing this in ‘just under the wire’, but I’ve had a day……….

However, that’s not what we’re here for………so let’s continue!

I was planning on showcasing someone else this week, but ‘liquidisk’ has topped his Scarlett custom with Cover Girl that is FANTASTIC!! Head over and be sure to bring a napkin-you *will* be drooling at the sheer perfection of this one!!

And as a ‘easter egg’, he’s given a written ‘How-To’ …… get to clicking!!!!

See you all next week!

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

Hey gang!

Sorry to be posting this so late, but the weather today was BE-A-UTIFUL!!! I just *had* to be outside all day!

Now……let’s get to this week’s spotlight. Actually, I am going to give you 2 links-‘why?’ you ask? Because both of these were posted this past week and are SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!

Head on over and check ’em out!

1st up we have JBL member ‘gaaway’ who put a killer twist on The Crimson Twins.

Next is board member ‘Liquidisk’, who has shared what I think is *THE BEST* looking Scarlett head I’ve ever seen! Take a look at his 25th Scarlett ‘Plus’.

Brilliant effort by both members……and there’s so much more to see in the Custom Section-once your there, keep on clicking!!

See you next week!!