Scarlett’s Saturday Special

Hey gang!

Sorry to be posting this so late, but the weather today was BE-A-UTIFUL!!! I just *had* to be outside all day!

Now……let’s get to this week’s spotlight. Actually, I am going to give you 2 links-‘why?’ you ask? Because both of these were posted this past week and are SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!

Head on over and check ’em out!

1st up we have JBL member ‘gaaway’ who put a killer twist on The Crimson Twins.

Next is board member ‘Liquidisk’, who has shared what I think is *THE BEST* looking Scarlett head I’ve ever seen! Take a look at his 25th Scarlett ‘Plus’.

Brilliant effort by both members……and there’s so much more to see in the Custom Section-once your there, keep on clicking!!

See you next week!!