Free Marauder Task Force figures with $35 order!

Place an order of $35 or greater and receive a highly articulated Marauder Task Force figure absolutely free!

Marauder Task Force

We make no bones about it here at JBL– we love Marauder Gun-Runners!  Not only are their figure accessories and customer service simply amazing but their Marauder Task Force 1:18 scale figures are some of the best on the market, period.  However, don’t just take our word for it!

marauder task force free promo

From now until 11:59pm on July 17, Marauder Gun-Runners is giving fans the opportunity to receive one FREE Marauder Task Force figure for every $35.00 spent in their online store.  That’s right– spend $35.00 and choose one of four different specific styles of Marauder Task Force figures to receive absolutely FREE!

I’ll be blunt– this is a heck of a deal.  Fans can stock up some killer Marauder armaments and accessories and bolster their troops at the same time.

  • Want to add to your desert forces?  Snag a free brown Terra-Ops figure!
  • Find that your Cobra Hazard Vipers need some backup? Grab an orange Hazard-Ops!
  • Miss the bright-colored days of the Alley Viper v2?  Choose a yellow Shock-Ops!
  • Looking for some more tactically-colored troops?  The Tech-Ops figures are waiting!

I’ve mirrored the full promotion below but, in all honesty, this is a great opportunity to either try out the amazing Marauder Task Force figures or bolster your existing barracks with some new recruits.  Remember, the promo ends this Sunday night at 11:59pm EST! Continue reading

Joe Con 2016: Marauder Gun-Runners adds new items and exo-suits!

Marauder Gun-Runners announces new exo-suits, male accessories, and fully articulated K-9 military unit for 2017!

Marauder Task Force

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Marauder Gun-Runners here at JBL.  Going all the way back to the very first series which debuted at Joe Con 2005, we’ve followed the progress of this customer-service driven company with great anticipation.  Returning to Joe Con after an absence of several years, MGR once again blew fans minds with the announcement of some brand new products including:

  • new male figure accessories
  • new exo-suits (coming in 2017)
  • new highly articulated military K-9 units (coming in 2017)

In addition, the Marauder Gun-Runners booth offers THREE brand-new convention exclusive decos for their amazing Marauder Task Force figures– including new “light brown” bearded and goatee heads!

These exclusive figures will be available at the Marauder Gun-Runners store after the con but convention attendees have the opportunity to purchase them at 20% off during the event at the MGR booth!  Talk about some customer service!

And, as they say in the infomercials… “But wait, there’s more!”  The first test shots of the Marauder Task Force Valkyries line will be on display at the booth this weekend!

To check out the pictures at the original source, visit the Marauder Gun-Runners Facebook page and to pick up some the best 1:18 modern military gear out there head on over to the Marauder Gun-Runners online store which will reopen on June 22th!

Plus, you can view JBL’s reviews of the first few series at the Marauder Gun-Runner’s Review Index!

Joe con 2016 armchair coverage featured

Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter FINAL DAY!

marauder taskforce valkyries kickstarter

This is it– the final day for the Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter campaign.  The deadline to support this project is 10:31pm CST TONIGHT!

Rather than post a long-winded and meandering article on why you should support the Marauder Task Force Valkyries campaign, I’m going with a simple list of 10 reasons.  Ten simple fact that you simply should consider when debating how to support this project. (Notice I didn’t say “if you should support”…)

Without further hyperbole:

5 Reasons You Should Support the Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter Project: Continue reading

Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter is LIVE!

marauder taskforce valkyries kickstarter

The Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter is LIVE!!!

Following the success of the last Kickstarter which produced the amazing Marauder Task Force figures, the good folks at Marauder Gun-Runners are back with a brand new project.  This time, the goal of the Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter is produce a highly-detailed line of female action figures.  That’s right– the 1:18 world just got a lot more dangerous with the introduction of some serious femme fatales.

Marauder Task Force Valkyries Urban

Continue reading

Marauder Gun-Runners Action Figure Kickstarter Launches!

Marauder Task Force

We LOVE Marauder Gun-Runners here at JBL!  Sure, I’m incredibly behind on reviews of the last series but that doesn’t mean that the MGR love has diminished in any way.  So, just imagine our reaction when this announcement dropped in the JBL mailbox late last night:

Marauder “Gun-Runners”ACTION FIGURE Pre-Order
Marauder Task Force Action Figures “Pre-Order”

Hey Folks!

Introducing the MARAUDER TASK FORCE Action Figures!

Highly detailed, fully articulated figures with multi-role customizable designs and featuring a wide variety of “modular” interchangeable accessories.  The nameless, faceless, minions are ideal “army builders” or perfect “backup” troopers to use with other currently available action figures.  “Night-Ops” Marauders, “Desert-Ops” Marauders, “Urban-Ops” Marauders…whatever mission, the Marauder Task Force figures can fill the need.

The Marauder Task Force figures feature multiple designs, several color options and a large number of accessories.  REMOVABLE Helmets, headgear and vests coupled with a wide variety of INTERCHANGEABLE accessories (holsters, sheaths, ammo pouches, pockets & more)…leaves the final  figure & accessory combination up to you!

Each fully assembled, factory painted, 1:18th scale action figure is produced at a high tech manufacturing facility using modern ABS & PVC materials (NOT handmade “castings” made out of “resin”).  We were fortunate to work with the incredibly talented designers and sculptors at Boss Fight Studio on this project. Seriously, the figures need to be seen in person to really appreciate the level of detail (pictures DO NOT do the figures or accessories justice!).

We’ve launched a Kickstarter pre-order project to help get the required funding to start production.   Designs, prototypes and paint masters are COMPLETE…all that remains to do is tool up and produce the actual figures and accessories. Please visit the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter project page for more pictures and greater in-depth details about the project.

(either “click” the link or go to and enter “Marauder GR” in the search field)

Hope you like Marauder Task Force figures & accessories and consider participating in the Marauder GR Pre-Order event!

Thanks again for all your support and if you have any questions, please let us know via email, thru the kickstarter message system or on our facebook page.
Take care!
MJ & the entire Marauder Team
Marauder “Gun-Runners”
Marauder GR Pre-order for NEW items on
Seriously, what are you waiting for– an engraved invitation from Sgt. Slaughter himself?!!  Get over there and throw some support for this AMAZING project!
Just in case you need any further convincing, check out the Marauder Gun-Runners Review Index here at JBL!
Time to start digging spare change out of the couch cushions again!

Marauder Gun Runners offers painted Series 6 gear!


DISCLAIMER: There will be little-to-no objectivity shown in this post.  If you’re looking for objective journalism, try a real news site!  We love Marauder Gun-Runners here at JBL!

Just when you thought Marauder Gun Runners couldn’t make their products any better, something like this occurs!  MGR is now offering a factory-painted set of their incredible Series 6 weapons!  That’s right– you can deck out your favorite 1:18 action figures with gear that has been molded in gun-metal gray and then painted with either desert or forest colors.  It’s an amazing set of 33 painted weapons and accessories for only $24.99!

Think of the possibilities:

  • Didn’t like the rifle that came with the FSS Barrel Roll?  Easy– swap it out with the painted M200!
  • Need to jazz up the FSS Grunt figure?  Toss in the AA20 automatic shotgun!
  • Want to clear out a nest of Zombie Vipers?  Give Outback that painted combat flamethrower and light ’em up!

Check out JBL’s review of the original Series 6 and keep your eyes peeled for an updated gallery of the painted set in the next few days!  (Also, check out the rest of JBL’s Marauder Gun Runners Review Index!)

You can place your order for this incredible set HERE!

Marauder Gun Runners painted Series 6

Marauder Gun-Runners Kickstarter project ends tonight!

Marauder John sent out the following update regarding the amazing Kickstarter project for series 7:

Marauder GR New Item “Pre-Order” ending soon!
Greetings! Just a quick reminder that the Marauder GR New Item “Pre-Order” event on kickstarter ends in about 24 hours (11:57PM EST on October 24th).
This is an opportunity to order & reserve the new items you’ve requested in advance.  If you have not participated or are a little unsure of the process, we would suggest the “Powder Monkey” participation level.  At that level for $15, you’ll get the “full set” of the 10 new items in black (ALL NEW SCULPTS and most “modular”), 12 new “modular” accessories, 6 of the items will have “working” stocks, removable ammo clips,  several silencers AND “free” shipping for US & Canada orders.
Please check out the event and hopefully you’ll consider participating in the project:
(either “click” the link or go to and enter “Marauder GR” in the search field)
Thanks again for all your support and we hope you consider joining in the “pre-order” event for the new items!
Take care!
The Marauder Team
Marauder “Gun-Runners”
Seriously, if you’ve not already done so and can spare the extra $$$, please consider contributing to this amazing project.  Marauder Gun-Runners has produced some INCREDIBLE items for all 1:18 figure lines in the past few years, easily surpassing the quality of products from “the big boys.”  Not only that, but they are one of THE most fan-centric customer-oriented companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  As of now, the initial goal has been reached but let’s show Marauder John that his efforts are appreciated by the fan base and knock this Kickstarter right out of the park!
Marauder Gun Runners series 7
Again, here’s some examples of the great work Marauder John has done all along for the fans:

Marauder Gun-Runners announces Kickstarter project to fund future releases

Marauder Gun Runners

I can still remember the first time I ever wrote about Marauder Gun-Runners products.  It started as a simple interview after purchasing some products from a “surprise” new vendor at the Joe Con in 2005.  What followed was a loyal following by this particular site admin of one of the classiest friendliest vendors in all of the Joe… nay… the FIGURE collecting community!   Marauder Gun Runners has produced and/or imported a plethora of products for 1:18 figure fans– all covered in JBL’s Marauder Gun Runners Review Index.  They’ve released pistols, rifles, bunk beds, weapon racks, sand bags, ATV’s, and modular weapons to knock your socks off and blow away the competition– and they’ve done it all at incredibly affordable prices and with a “free item” with every order.

You don’t find that level of service and attention to a customer base everywhere.

Now, Marauder Gun-Runners is turning to their customers to help get the next series of items out sooner than the planned 2 year delay.  To do so, they’re using crowd-funding leader Kickstarter to raise funds in a safe secure fashion.

Here’s the official release:

Why are we doing this?

Since the launch of Marauder GR 7 years ago, we have received a tremendous amount of support from you.  We’re honored that many have chosen Marauder to equip their action & gaming figures. We’ve received hundreds of suggestions for additional Marauder 1:18 scale miniature accessories.  It’s clear that you, our supporters, want more of these gear & accessories.  Our goal, since day one, is to deliver quality 1:18 scale miniature action figure & gaming gear at affordable prices…and always show our gratitude!

To release items that will meet your standards takes a tremendous amount of effort and as it turns out, they’re also really expensive to produce. The mold costs alone are astronomical. In order to grow this line, we can do it slow and steady over the next several years, or we can defer to you guys and launch new items as soon as possible. Each plastic miniature accessory measures 1/2 of an inch to 3 inches long.

Which brings us to our “project” here on kickstarter.  If we stick with our current time table for the “new” items, we’re looking at a May/June 2014 release (almost 2 years from now) and then a summer 2016 release for the next “new” items….yes, that is a LONG TIME TO WAIT! We wish to get the  production/development started for new Marauder GR items now, so we can make the new items available to our supporters by May 2013 (about 8 months or possilby sooner!).  We hope to cover the prototype, tooling and production process of the new series much quicker than the estimated  spring 2014 release.

What Do I Get For Supporting You?

We have a number of opportunities available for our supporters.

Our goal for this project is $17,000.  That will allow for us to sculpt, prototype, tool and produce 10 ALL NEW items.  We’ll be able to release new items in our very popular “unpainted” versions, but also in some other special edition PRE-PAINTED versions.  We have several contribution levels starting at a $1 and going up from there.  Also, there are several “Stretch goals” if we are fortunate enough to actually surpass our $17,000 goal (we remain ever optimistic!).  Each “Stretch goal” reached will mean ADDITIONAL NEW items added to most of the support levels (with NO additional contribution required…you just get more stuff added to your original support package level).  In addition, we hope to have additional “add on” items at greatly reduced prices that can be added to your contribution packages.  The more stretch goals we can hit, the more NEW items can be produced and added to the May 2013 release.

Something for everyone who loves 1:18 scale miniature plastic action & gaming figure accessoires. With your help, we can ramp up production and release a lot MORE accessories QUICKER for all your action & gaming figure needs.  Again, we thank you for your support and hope you decide to participate in the Marauder GR Kickstarter event!

Seriously folks– with our current economic climate, everyone is belt-tightening.  Rather than scale back, Marauder is still trying to cater to the needs of its very devoted fanbase by provide the BEST 1:18 gear on the market.  Seriously– it’s a great project for a great company that has made nothing but positive contributions to the figure collecting community since its debut.  I’m not normally a big fan of crowd-funding but this project has two things going for it:

  1. It’s run through Kickstarter which ensure that if it doesn’t go through, folks get their money back.
  2. It’s sponsored by Marauder John whose reputation stands on its own.

Seriously– don’t break the bank but if you can, toss some $$ over  to the project.   It’ll be worth your while!

Marauder Gun-Runners Kickstarter Page 

Seriously– if you have any doubts, take a look at some of these Marauder products or check out the Marauder Review Index!

Marauder Gun-Runners needs your help with series 7!

Marauder Gun Runners

If you’re a fan of 1:18 scale action figures, the odds are that you’ve heard of Marauder-Gun Runners.  Makers of THE FINEST 1:18 scale accessories that the G.I. Joe and Star Wars fandoms have ever seen, MGR has produced 6 incredibly detailed waves of pistols, knives, grenades, figure stands, and more for action figure collections of all themes!

For series 7, Marauder Gun-Runners needs your help!  Check out this post from their Facebook  page:

Hey Folks!
We hope to get going on the next series soon. We have received LOTS of suggestions and below are the most requested items. To demonstrate our gratitude for your support, you will have an even larger role in the items you let us “gun-run” for you! The next series will have 10 to 12 items (the “larger” deluxe items will result in fewer overall items since they take up a larger percentage of resources). There are around 50 items, so this
process might take several stages to trim down the list to a more managable quantity of the most desired items (the “poll” feature on facebook only allows 10 items, so we couldn’t set up a poll for all the items). For this next release the original most often requested items, facebook feedback, final production costs and additiional collector input will go into deciding the final item selection. Here are the top candidates (NOT ranked in any particular order of popularity):

Continue reading

JBL Review: Marauder Gun-Runners Wave 6

Wow… it’s been nearly 4 years since I’ve been able to say this but I’ve posted a new review as of last night.  Marauder Gun-Runners Series 6 has hit the fandom in recent weeks and it was enough to pull on aging reviewer out of retirement.  Chock-full of modular weapons and a cornucopia of rifle accessories, Joe fans are sure to find SOMETHING in this wave to appeal to collection needs.

However, don’t just take my word for it.  Head on over to JBL’s newly updated Marauder Gun-Runners Review Index and check out the 3 page review of wave 6!