G.I. Joe Fan Project Announced!

Board member ‘Richter’ has graciously invited any interested fans to show off their artistic talents in a fun project!

ClickHERE to read the details and ask any questions you may have. This project is for F-U-N, there is no compensation offered-except that you have the chance to share your talents with others in the community.

I know I’m going to get in on this one!!!

Good Luck, Let’s see what you’ve all got and most importantly……………..YO JOE!!!!!

‘G.I. Joe’ premiere’s on ‘The HUB’~In Retro!

With much thanks to ‘GeneralJoes.com’, we have been kept abreast of the delay surrounding ‘Renegades’ release.


We can relive our old 80’s ‘Glory Days’ as ‘The HUB’ begins tonight to run the classic Joe ‘toons.

Head on over to the ‘Renegades’discussion thread and chat about the good, bad and other of the original cartoon variation of our favorite action heroes and villains!!!

YO JOE!!!!

G.I. Joe Collector’s Club~’Design a Magazine Cover’ contest!!

With thanks to GeneralJoes.com & Tri-State Vipers.com, I am pleased to announce that the GIJCC is offering us fans a chance to be immortalized with our very own ‘cover’.

Click HERE to discuss in the JBL forums and to follow the links for your very own chance to be immortalized as part of the mythos that binds us all to our favorite ‘plastic army men’!!!

Hasbro Press Release- SDCC Sgt. Slaughter Figure & Hasbro Toy Shop

Hot off the email, Hasbro has issued a press release regarding our favorite drill Sgt.

To the G.I. JOE fan community,

The passion displayed since Comic-Con on fan-forums regarding the special edition Sgt. Slaughter figures has been truly remarkable. It proves that there is a huge appetite to see this character in action figure form and we’re thrilled that the designs were so well received. We know the Sarge himself, who you may have had the chance to meet in the Hasbro booth at Comic-Con, would be honored to see such an outpouring of support and desire for this special edition figure in his likeness.

We understand there has been a misperception that Hasbro Toy Shop did not offer the primary or variant versions of the figure on the website after Comic-Con as has recently been tradition. This is not true. As publicized prior to the convention, there were indeed a limited number of Sgt. Slaughter figures (both variant and primary) available after the show; a reserve set aside specifically for HasbroToyShop.com as there is with all of our special edition figures.

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JoeCon 2011 Announced!!

Grab those mouse ears and pack up your duck bills….we’re heading to Disneyworld gang!!!

Hot off the presses from the G.I. Joe Club, next year’s convention has been revealed!!

The 2011 International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention “G.I. Joe Con” will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, March 31-April 3!  This is an outstanding property at an outstanding rate!  You will not want to miss this one.  Orlando will be perfect this time of year, so bring the whole family for this fun-filled weekend!Make your hotel reservations now at GIJoeCon.com.

Convention registration will be available this fall.  Watch for our new online registration system!

Click HERE to discuss it!

*Thanks go to board member ‘felyxz’ for posting it to the boards a minute before I hit ‘SUBMIT’*

YO JOE!!!!

‘Special Missions’ set to return! UPDATED and clarified.

UPDATE: Mark added some clarification to this rumor on his Facebook page.  Apparently he mentioned at the Canadian Joe-Con this past weekend that he had submitted a PROPOSAL for a new Special Mission series.  However, IDW has not announced any intention to currently deploy another Joe title in your monthly pull box.  So, before you run to your local comic shop and demand Special Missions, be aware that right now it’s just a proposal, nothing more.

And now you know…

— Fred

That’s right gang, hot off the presses from the Canadian JoeCon, our pals to the north at JoeCanuck.com have the comic world starting to buzz!!

Mark Bellomo (Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe) revealed at a Q & A panel that he is tapped to write ‘Special Missions’ for IDW.

Click HERE to read the small amount of details (so far) and to discuss!!!

Now, excuse me while I go giggle in a corner at the coolness of this news!!