G.I. Joe vs Transformers and more on sale at GIJoeClub.com

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The G.I. Joe vs Transformers exclusive sets are now on sale at GIJoeClub.com!

I might have missed an email about this but a quick review of GIJoeClub.com’s store revealed some sale prices on a few recent G.I. Joe exclusives:

In addition to those pieces, several previous FSS figures have seen a price drop from $38.00 to $29.00 including: Continue reading

Review: Figure Subscription Service Tiger Force Airtight

Figure Subscription Service Tiger Force Airtight

When it comes to new product, G.I. Joe fans are in the middle of a dry spell.  That last Retaliation wave only contained 3 new figures and is proving as elusive as finding a sasquatch in the middle of New York City.  However, last week the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club shipped the first two figures from their second Figure Subscription Service.  Here’s where I spoil the surprise– it was an all Tiger Force shipment!  I was initially pretty luke-warm about these two figures when they were announced however, sometimes having a figure in hand can make all the difference.

So, how does Airtight hold up? Check out the review of Tiger Force Airtight in the Collector’s Club Review Index here at JBL!  Look for Shipwreck to drop by Monday!

Figure Subscription Service 2.0 is Shipping!!!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Figure Subscription Service 2.0

It may be a long time until new G.I. Joe product is on store shelves but some fans will have a surprise waiting for them in their mailboxes very soon!  The first shipment of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service has shipped and a few lucky fans already have theirs in hand!

Caution: Spoilers ahead for those who want the shipment to be a surprise.  However, for the remaining 95% of the fandom, the identities will be revealed below.

Master customizer and all-around great guy Alyosha of Broken Arrow Toys posted a few quick shots of his shipment on Facebook over the weekend to reveal that the first shipment is a box of Tiger Force goodness!  That’s right Joe fans, Tiger Force Shipwreck and Airtight should be arriving on subscribers’ doors very very soon.

I have to admit– this shipment is a mixed bag for me.  Let me start off by saying that I’ve NEVER been a big fan of the original Tiger Force color scheme.  Sorry gang, but yellow and black striped shirts seem like they’d blend better at Mardi Gras than in any of the world’s jungles.  As such, I’ve never owned much in the way of Tiger Force ANYTHING save for the Valor vs. Venom Tiger Force Alpine & Crosshairs two-pack and the Toys R Us Exclusive Tiger Force 6 pack.  Not one vintage piece is found anywhere in my collection.  HOWEVER, I have to say that these are growing on me.  Airtight is probably the Joe whose original color scheme is closest to his original release and, well, Shipwreck is Shipwreck.  Thanks to Sunbow I have a soft spot in my Joe fan heart for the character and cut him a lot of slack.  (In some ways he’s Sunbow’s equivalent to Deadpool.)

Expect some reviews of the final product once they drop on my door step in the coming days.  However, so far I don’t hate them like I thought I would.  However, I’m going to go on record and say now that I’d still rather see some more 1:18 Adventure Team in the next FSS than I would more Tiger Force!  (Or Sgt. Savage!!!)


G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service 2 is now LIVE!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Figure Subscription Service 2.0

With a whirlwind of updates in the past 24 hours, the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has announced that sign-up for the Figure Subscription Service 2.0 is now LIVE!!!  You can subscribe for the next 13 figures from now through May 22, 2013!

It all started with this image that was posted on the GIJCC Facebook page yesterday afternoon:

This image confirmed the line-up that was revealed at the 2013 GIJCC Roundtable at Joe Con this year.  To recap, this was the roster that was revealed:

  • Widescope
  • Dragonsky
  • Night Force Falcon (with new equipment)
  • Bombadier (UK)
  • Tiger Force Tripwire (Brazil)
  • Tiger Force Shipwreck (Brazil)
  • Admiral Keel Haul
  • Tool Booth
  • Cesspool
  • Skullbuster
  • Cobra Desert Scorpion
  • Big Bear

At that meeting just a few mock-up images were shown as Lanny confirmed he’d only just been able to put them together before leaving for Indy.  Now, the Club has unveiled FOUR preview images: Skullbuster, Night Force Falcon, Dragonsky, and Tiger Force Airtight!

Here’s the official word on FSS 2.0 directly from the Club’s website:

After the fantastic success of FSS 1.0, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club now brings you version 2.0! The FSS is only available to active club members. This service is an optional feature and is not included in the cost of your annual GIJCC membership.The FSS 2.0 subscription set will consist of twelve different carded 3 3/4″ figures. You will receive six shipments starting in approximately September/October of two figures each month. Figures will be shipped in a surprise sequence (figure pairs will be the same for everyone each month). It will be a surprise each month as to which figure pair you receive! Your last shipment (6th shipment) will include your FREE mystery carded 13th figure! The limited edition GIJCC Figure Subscription Service contains a variety of fan requested characters from all eras of the 3 3/4-inch G.I. Joe A Real American Hero collection. The assortment includes 25th Anniversary style figures of characters from the classic 80’s, 90’s, new-sculpt, foreign editions, and unreleased 25th Anniversary characters as well.


So there you have it!  The roster, a few teaser images, and the link to sign-up for FSS 2.0!  I have to admit, the first one made a believer out of me.  Yes, I’m not happy about the price of the figures or the subscription at all but then again, like a lot of Joe fans, I’m a man of limited means.  However, for the most part the quality and character selection of the first series has been very good and it’s now to the point that I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the brown cardboard box from the GIJCC each month.  So it’s a safe bet to say that this particular Joe addict is in for his next 13 figures from the GIJCC– even if my credit card cries a little.

For those of you on the fence, you’ve got until the 22nd.  Plus, JBL will begin reviewing all of the figures from FSS round 1 starting NEXT WEEK!

30th Anniversary wave 4 pre-orders hit BBTS, Kokomo Toys, and SmallJoes.com!

After a long drought, it seems like Joe fans are about to be swimming in product.  Several online e-tailers have now listed pre-orders for wave 4 of the 30th anniversary line!  That’s right– at a time when most fans still haven’t found wave 3 at retail new versions of Airtight, Law & Order, Lifeline, Sci-Fi, and the infamous Zombie Viper are due to arrive in early December!

I’ll be honest– wave 3 took me completely by surprise.  My pre-order from SmallJoes.com hit early this past week and I’ve been FLOORED by the quality of the product.  The articulation, the design, and even the accessories (which were pared down from what was originally shown) are all pretty spectacular.  In many ways, the 30th Anniversary run is FAR superior to the early waves of the 25th Anniversary line but that’s just my opinion.

Check out the links below.  Many of these e-tailers are still accepting orders for some individual figures.


Kokomo Toys:


For clarification, the “set of 5” includes one each of: Lifeline, Airtight, Sci-Fi, Zombie-Viper, and Law & Order.  The initial case pack seems to be: Lifeline (x 1), Zombie-Viper (x 2), Sci-Fi (x 1), Law & Order (x 1), Techno-Viper (x 1), Steel Brigade (x 1), Airtight (x 1), Scarlett (x 1), Ripcord (x 1), Tunnel Rat (x 1), and Cobra Trooper (Renegades version) (x 1).