Skystrikers now $19.99 at!!

The holiday deals from continue!

On Black Friday the Skystrikers dropped to $24.99.  Today, they’ve dropped again– to a whopping $19.99!   That’s a full 56% off of the MSRP!!

$19.99 Skystriker w/ Captain Ace – $19.99

These jets are normally $39.99 at the Toys R Us store near me.  At this price, I can snag 2 for the price of one– and possibly even toss the extra into the Toys For Tots bin.  At this price, I’ve no idea how much longer Amazon is going to keep discounting them but if you are looking for a few more jets to fill up the deck of the USS Flagg or merely wish to fill the ceiling of your Joe room with a flying armada, this is the time to buy!

30th Anniversary wave 4 pre-orders hit BBTS, Kokomo Toys, and!

After a long drought, it seems like Joe fans are about to be swimming in product.  Several online e-tailers have now listed pre-orders for wave 4 of the 30th anniversary line!  That’s right– at a time when most fans still haven’t found wave 3 at retail new versions of Airtight, Law & Order, Lifeline, Sci-Fi, and the infamous Zombie Viper are due to arrive in early December!

I’ll be honest– wave 3 took me completely by surprise.  My pre-order from hit early this past week and I’ve been FLOORED by the quality of the product.  The articulation, the design, and even the accessories (which were pared down from what was originally shown) are all pretty spectacular.  In many ways, the 30th Anniversary run is FAR superior to the early waves of the 25th Anniversary line but that’s just my opinion.

Check out the links below.  Many of these e-tailers are still accepting orders for some individual figures.

Kokomo Toys:

For clarification, the “set of 5” includes one each of: Lifeline, Airtight, Sci-Fi, Zombie-Viper, and Law & Order.  The initial case pack seems to be: Lifeline (x 1), Zombie-Viper (x 2), Sci-Fi (x 1), Law & Order (x 1), Techno-Viper (x 1), Steel Brigade (x 1), Airtight (x 1), Scarlett (x 1), Ripcord (x 1), Tunnel Rat (x 1), and Cobra Trooper (Renegades version) (x 1).

Slaughter’s Marauders & Renegades 7 packs now up for pre-order at BBTS!

This is the shortest post to date:  The newly-revealed Renegades and Slaughter’s Marauders 7 packs are up for pre-order @ BBTS!

Go get ’em!!

Early pics of new figures out of New York Comic Con!

Toy super site has posted early pics from Hasbro’s G.I. Joe event at the New York Comic Con.  (See the mirrored images below.)

WOW– I’m seeing Slaughter’s Marauders, Renegades, and more Dreadnoks than you can shake a can of grape soda at!  Could it be that the situation of the brand isn’t as dire as thought or are these some of the many rumored exclusives that will be hitting both the Collector’s Club subscription and later this year?

EDIT: Friend of JBL has confirmed that these are the BigBadToyStore 7 packs that will hit pre-order today!

Check out the images below or over at the original posting on!

EDIT: Even cleaner pics are available over at!