Early pics of new figures out of New York Comic Con!

Toy super site ToyArk.com has posted early pics from Hasbro’s G.I. Joe event at the New York Comic Con.  (See the mirrored images below.)

WOW– I’m seeing Slaughter’s Marauders, Renegades, and more Dreadnoks than you can shake a can of grape soda at!  Could it be that the situation of the brand isn’t as dire as thought or are these some of the many rumored exclusives that will be hitting both the Collector’s Club subscription and BigBadToyStore.com later this year?

EDIT: Friend of JBL GeneralsJoes.com has confirmed that these are the BigBadToyStore 7 packs that will hit pre-order today!

Check out the images below or over at the original posting on ToyArk.com!

EDIT: Even cleaner pics are available over at ToyNewsI.com!