Skystrikers now $19.99 at!!

The holiday deals from continue!

On Black Friday the Skystrikers dropped to $24.99.  Today, they’ve dropped again– to a whopping $19.99!   That’s a full 56% off of the MSRP!!

$19.99 Skystriker w/ Captain Ace – $19.99

These jets are normally $39.99 at the Toys R Us store near me.  At this price, I can snag 2 for the price of one– and possibly even toss the extra into the Toys For Tots bin.  At this price, I’ve no idea how much longer Amazon is going to keep discounting them but if you are looking for a few more jets to fill up the deck of the USS Flagg or merely wish to fill the ceiling of your Joe room with a flying armada, this is the time to buy!