Toy Soldiers War Chest drops on August 11

Toy Soldiers War Chest

Toy Soldiers War Chest is almost here!

Remember a few weeks ago when a certain video dropped for Toy Soldiers War Chest?  You know the one I’m referring to– the one that suddenly dropped He-Man and G.I. Joe characters firmly into the middle of the pixel carnage of video game combat?  Remember the anticipation that was experienced by video game fans everywhere at the thought of being able to take your favorite toy lines and pit them against each other?

The wait is nearly over.  Toy Soldiers War Chest hits Xbox, Playstation, and PC on August 11, 2015!

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Netflix: EVERY Sunbow episode now on Netflix Streaming

What a whirlwind this past weekend was!  From the insane awesomeness that was The Avengers on the big screen to Free Comic Book Day, most genre fans were enjoying a pretty booked schedule.  However, once again Netflix manages to be the icing on the cake for a near perfect weekend.

As of last night, all 65 episodes of Sunbow’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero animated series are available on Netflix Streaming!  That’s right– from the first episode of the MASS Device to “Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep”, every animated adventure from the first series is available by PC, Xbox LIVE, PS3, and Wii.

If that doesn’t make a lot of Joe fans happy I don’t know what will…

Netflix G.I. Joe A real american hero