Toy Soldiers War Chest Brings G.I. Joe to the Fight

Toy Soldiers War Chest

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve played Toy Soldiers, the video game from Signal Studios in which small toy soldiers battle for control of a World War I diorama.

Now, imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a video for Toy Soldiers War Chest: The Game of Toys Legendary Heroes edition that showcased all manner of toy lines duking it out. Imagine my further surprise when He-Man and Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe made an appearance.

However, nothing could prepare me for the tiny cameo at the end of the video, right around the 2:05 mark.


Here’s the official blurb from Signal Studios, regarding this latest mash-up version of Toy Soldiers War Chest which, sadly, will require me to finally buy an Xbox ONE to play it.

Eight armies. One toy box to defend. The Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition is a fast-paced genre-bending mix of strategy defense and action gameplay that brings to life the iconic toys and action figures from your childhood. Lead He-ManTM, G.I. Joe, the disciplined Kaiser, the loveable Starbright and more heroes into legendary battle! Two more licensed armies will be revealed at a later date. Available at retail and digitally on PS4 and Xbox One, and digitally on PC Sumer 2015.

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Oh yeah… consider me SOLD!!! Seriously– I loved the original game so I’m ALL over this like a Dreadnok on a frosty case of grape soda!  Plus– there are TWO MORE licensed armies coming.  Let the speculation begin!  (Transformers anyone?)  We’ll no doubt find out more at E3 2015!