Marauder Gun-Runners Kickstarter project ends tonight!

Marauder John sent out the following update regarding the amazing Kickstarter project for series 7:

Marauder GR New Item “Pre-Order” ending soon!
Greetings! Just a quick reminder that the Marauder GR New Item “Pre-Order” event on kickstarter ends in about 24 hours (11:57PM EST on October 24th).
This is an opportunity to order & reserve the new items you’ve requested in advance.  If you have not participated or are a little unsure of the process, we would suggest the “Powder Monkey” participation level.  At that level for $15, you’ll get the “full set” of the 10 new items in black (ALL NEW SCULPTS and most “modular”), 12 new “modular” accessories, 6 of the items will have “working” stocks, removable ammo clips,  several silencers AND “free” shipping for US & Canada orders.
Please check out the event and hopefully you’ll consider participating in the project:
(either “click” the link or go to and enter “Marauder GR” in the search field)
Thanks again for all your support and we hope you consider joining in the “pre-order” event for the new items!
Take care!
The Marauder Team
Marauder “Gun-Runners”
Seriously, if you’ve not already done so and can spare the extra $$$, please consider contributing to this amazing project.  Marauder Gun-Runners has produced some INCREDIBLE items for all 1:18 figure lines in the past few years, easily surpassing the quality of products from “the big boys.”  Not only that, but they are one of THE most fan-centric customer-oriented companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  As of now, the initial goal has been reached but let’s show Marauder John that his efforts are appreciated by the fan base and knock this Kickstarter right out of the park!
Marauder Gun Runners series 7
Again, here’s some examples of the great work Marauder John has done all along for the fans:

JBL Review: Marauder Gun-Runners Wave 6

Wow… it’s been nearly 4 years since I’ve been able to say this but I’ve posted a new review as of last night.  Marauder Gun-Runners Series 6 has hit the fandom in recent weeks and it was enough to pull on aging reviewer out of retirement.  Chock-full of modular weapons and a cornucopia of rifle accessories, Joe fans are sure to find SOMETHING in this wave to appeal to collection needs.

However, don’t just take my word for it.  Head on over to JBL’s newly updated Marauder Gun-Runners Review Index and check out the 3 page review of wave 6!

New items in stock at Marauder Gun-Runners!

maraudersmalllogo.gifMarauder John has done it again!

New Power Team Elite items are in stock at Marauder Gun-Runners just in time for those last-minute Christmas gifts! As posted in the forums, new sand bags, web belts, “porcupine” tank traps, tents, and “barbed wire” accessories are now available to bolster up the defenses on any GIJoe display. Compatable with classic ARAH, GvC, and 25th Anniversary figures, Power Team Elite accessories are the perfect choice to augment everyone’s favorite “fully poseable modern army figures”!

Also, check out all the other offerings from Marauder Gun-Runners in the Marauder Review Index here at JBL!

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