Marauder Gun Runners offers painted Series 6 gear!


DISCLAIMER: There will be little-to-no objectivity shown in this post.  If you’re looking for objective journalism, try a real news site!  We love Marauder Gun-Runners here at JBL!

Just when you thought Marauder Gun Runners couldn’t make their products any better, something like this occurs!  MGR is now offering a factory-painted set of their incredible Series 6 weapons!  That’s right– you can deck out your favorite 1:18 action figures with gear that has been molded in gun-metal gray and then painted with either desert or forest colors.  It’s an amazing set of 33 painted weapons and accessories for only $24.99!

Think of the possibilities:

  • Didn’t like the rifle that came with the FSS Barrel Roll?  Easy– swap it out with the painted M200!
  • Need to jazz up the FSS Grunt figure?  Toss in the AA20 automatic shotgun!
  • Want to clear out a nest of Zombie Vipers?  Give Outback that painted combat flamethrower and light ’em up!

Check out JBL’s review of the original Series 6 and keep your eyes peeled for an updated gallery of the painted set in the next few days!  (Also, check out the rest of JBL’s Marauder Gun Runners Review Index!)

You can place your order for this incredible set HERE!

Marauder Gun Runners painted Series 6

One thought on “Marauder Gun Runners offers painted Series 6 gear!

  1. These are awesome! Marauder Gun Runners has easily topped anything Hasbro ever produced for any incarnation of the Real American Hero line. Their weapons are second to none and the bar only keeps rising higher. Way to go, Team Marauder!

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