Cobra announces CobraCon 2010 in Providence, Rhode Island

Cobra Island – February 26, 2010 – Today, Cobra Commander has announced that Cobracon 2010 will be held at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island from April 29th to May 2nd. Cobra wants to make sure that the fans of Cobra do not confuse this show with GIJoecon 2010, also being held in Providence, Rhode Island from April 29th to May 2nd. No, CobraCon will be FAR more exciting!!!

Unlike last year’s convention (apologies again for the unexpected exposure of mind control gas at the Saturday Night Dinner event), this year’s CobraCon promises a smooth and relatively danger free show, complete with a special appearance by Black Major and his trusty comrades, the Red Shadows. Along with special guests, art contests, an invasion of Hasbro’s headquarters, panels and seminars featuring Hasbro and other Cobra supporters, this year’s convention is THE show to attend!

So what are you waiting for! Just head on over to our convention site now and sign up for the Cobra event of a lifetime. NOW! Cobraaaaaaaaaaa! Be sure to click the page to see our latest CobraCon video!


For over 25 years, Cobra has been the leading international criminal organization, offering the whole of humanity the finest in criminal espionage, homicidal clones, doomsday scenarios and an alternative to the decadent and foolish governance of so-called ‘democracy.’ Located on Cobra Island and any number of small towns near you, Cobra reaches more people than any rival organization; with attacks on G.I. Joe and the many countries they help defend such as Japan, Great Britain, Brazil, Australia and Canada. For more information visit our convention site. To view our competitors site (which we recently “acquired”) visit Comments? Please direct email to Tomax.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura interviewed at IESB – Lots of G.I. Joe information has spent some serious time interviewing Lorenzo di Bonaventura about the G.I. Joe motion picture, which has revealed some serious information about the upcoming movie.

Interesting facts revealed involve Zartan being in the film, Cover Girl, and some timelines of other casting information.

A definitely interesting “must read” interview. Click here to check it out, and click here to discuss this in our forums.

JoeCanuck Monthly Newsletter launched

canada.gifBy now most folks are likely aware of the Canadian JoeMeet, which has been going on for several years and brings us some terrific exclusive figures, such as JoeCanuck, Black Ice, and Shiver. The Meet is held once a year, typically in April, and today JoeCanuck has launched it’s first Newsletter. The plan is to release a monthly newsletter with reviews, articles, and lots more interesting content that Joe fans of every nationality will appreciate.

Click here to check out the premier issue of this Newsletter, and make sure to check for details on the upcoming JoeMeet April 19, 2008.

Two more cast members join the “G.I. Joe” Team

According to this article at, Heavy Duty and Breaker have joined the G.I. Joe Motion Picture team. While many fans will continue to question the constant inclusion of Heavy Duty over Roadblock, I think it’s safe to say people are pretty excited to see Breaker as part of the team.

Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko of “Lost” fame) will portray the G.I. Joe Heavy Weapons Expert while Said Taghmaoui will star as the Communications Specialist. Quite a step up from the Marlon Wayans rumors that were circulating earlier today. Click on each actor’s name to see their IMDB profiles and thanks to SPC Airborne for the heads up.

Click here to discuss these casting choices!

JoeBattleLines Main Page Update

As you’ve hopefully noticed, JoeBattleLines has a brand new front page!  We’ve merged the regular main page with a new newsfeed format to keep the newest G.I. Joe news and information at the frontpage where everyone can see it.  Along with the news page update there is a new “RSS” feed reader which you can subscribe to.  This will automatically refresh your browser with the latest G.I. Joe news and information as it comes.

Hopefully everyone enjoys this new interface and keeps on coming back to JBL as a great source for your favorite G.I. Joe information and news.