G.I.jOE Woos Jem in Honda Commercial

g.i. joe jem honda

Even at 50, G.I.jOE still has a way with the ladies!

Honda’s current retro “Happy Honda Days” ad campaign has featured a number of classic toys having all manner of adventures in and around the latest Honda vehicles.  However, none of these spots have caught my eye as much as the ones featuring good old Adventure Team Commander G.I.jOE!  In this latest spot, Joe gets his “woo on” and serenades Jem in an effort to melt her icy heart.

Guess what– it works!

Also, Honda is apparently willing to donate $50,000 to the Orange County Children’s Hospital if the video is the “most viewed” from its Holiday Tunes playlist.  If you enjoyed it, consider giving it a share!

It’s good to see that someone is acknowledging the older figures in the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary year.

G.I. Joe Collector’s Club 1:18 Adventure Team Commander Review

G.I. Joe Collector's Club 1:18 Adventure Team Commander

There’s just something about the Adventure Team Commander.  He’s a former soldier who leads a team of adventurers and scientists in missions across the globe that range from disaster relief to artifact recovery to rescuing endangered species.  In other words, he’s a “Man of Action” with a kung-fu grip!

Up until 2010, the Adventure Team Commander existed only in his original 1:6 scale form.  (I’m  not counting the various “Joe Colton” figures.)  However, the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club decided that that Adventure Team Commander was ready for a change and released him and his team in a series of 1:18 scale sets.  Did the original “Man of Action” make the transition smoothly?

Check out the review in the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Review Index!

Amazing “vintage” Adventure Team commercial– featuring 1:18 Joes!

G. I. Joe Adventure Team

It’s time to place blame where blame is due.  The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club is turning me into an Adventure Team fan.  Those nefarious scoundrels in their evil headquarters on Cattle Baron Drive in Texas have managed to take my initial impression of the fuzz-headed Joes as “those older dolls” and turn them into full blown Jonny Quest-styled heroes.  Part James Bond, part Indiana Jones– the Adventure Team has come to life in the form of the monthly Adventure Team Chronicles comics in the Collector’s Club newsletter.  In fact, and here’s the frightening portion of this confession, I read the AT comic BEFORE I read the A Real American Hero strip.

So, imagine my newly-found AT giddiness when the Club posted the following video up on their Facebook page.  Posted by YouTube user “vidmystery”, the commercial showcases the modern 1:18 AT figures in the style of a classic 1960’s commercial.  Seriously– that’s just too much awesome for one short video!  (This seems to be the Club’s official YouTube page– so my hat’s off to the video’s actual creator!)

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