G.I. Joe Collector’s Club 1:18 Land Adventurer Review

G.I. Joe Collector's Club 1:18 Land Adventurer


JBL delves back into the world of the G.I. Joe Adventure Team with a review of the Collector’s Club exclusive Land Adventurer!

From 1970 – 1976, the G.I. Joe brand transformed and Joe went from being an active duty soldier to a “man of action”.  He became a combination of scientist and adventurer– travelling the globe and taking on missions that would have left the cast of Jonny Quest envious!  In 2010, the folks at the GIJCC decided to bring the concept to a new generation of fans by introducing the Adventure Team into the popular 1:18 scale.  Following in the footsteps of the Adventure Team Commander, the Land Adventurer was the second Adventure Team member to see release in this new format.

Was the endeavor successful?  Did the smaller version convey the same sense of rugged adventure as his 1:6 predecessor?

Check out the review in the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Review Index and find out this Joe fan’s opinion!

Amazing “vintage” Adventure Team commercial– featuring 1:18 Joes!

G. I. Joe Adventure Team

It’s time to place blame where blame is due.  The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club is turning me into an Adventure Team fan.  Those nefarious scoundrels in their evil headquarters on Cattle Baron Drive in Texas have managed to take my initial impression of the fuzz-headed Joes as “those older dolls” and turn them into full blown Jonny Quest-styled heroes.  Part James Bond, part Indiana Jones– the Adventure Team has come to life in the form of the monthly Adventure Team Chronicles comics in the Collector’s Club newsletter.  In fact, and here’s the frightening portion of this confession, I read the AT comic BEFORE I read the A Real American Hero strip.

So, imagine my newly-found AT giddiness when the Club posted the following video up on their Facebook page.  Posted by YouTube user “vidmystery”, the commercial showcases the modern 1:18 AT figures in the style of a classic 1960’s commercial.  Seriously– that’s just too much awesome for one short video!  (This seems to be the Club’s official YouTube page– so my hat’s off to the video’s actual creator!)

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