G.I. Joe FSS 8 Bushido is a warrior with honor!

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has released the preview of G.I. Joe Ninja Commando Bushido!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS 8 Bushido

Code Name: BUSHIDO
(Inspired by the 1993 action figure.)
Features NEW samurai face mask!
Includes: removable samurai helmet with face mask,
tactical harness, double sheath with swords x 2,
Kusarigama weapon, and figure stand.

Talk about a career change!  Bushido went from being a “Snow Ninja” to a “Ninja Commando”.  I wonder if Snake Eyes will feel threatened now… Continue reading

G.I. Joe FSS 5 General Flagg demands your attention!

The G.I. Joe FSS 5 previews are coming fast and furious with General Flagg!

G.I. Joe FSS 5 General Flagg

(Based on the 1993 Battle Corps action figure!)Includes: removable hat, sub machine gun, top secret files briefcase, pistol, and figure stand.NOTE: All images are Photoshop representations, final product, accessories and/or colors may vary!

Hmm… this is an interesting take on the original 1993 General Flagg.   The jacket is from the 2013 Retaliation masked Firefly— which is “okay” but doesn’t really seem to this Joe fan like something that a general would wear.  (Maybe it’s a bit too biker in feel?) The legs are from 2011 Pursuit of Cobra Duke which are nice and functional and offer a decent range of motion.  The head choice also just seems a bit young to my eyes.  (More Airborne clones!  I don’t know how well the 2012 Brekhov hat is going to stay on that head.)  So, it’s a visually interesting update but one that seems just a bit off in terms of faithfulness to the vintage design.

We’re now four figures in on the previews.  Anyone else thinking that the sign-up is coming in two weeks? Continue reading

Closer look at G.I. Joe vs. Transformers Ninja Force Scarlett

The June 2016 issue of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club magazine is hitting member mailboxes and with it comes a better look at the forthcoming G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set Ninja Force Scarlett.

G.I. Joe Ninja Force Scarlett cover

So, how’s Scarlett looking?  To the eyes of this Joe fan, pretty good!  I see the Renegades Scarlett head and what appears to be the upper torso of the Retaliation Jinx combined with the arms of the SDCC Zarana figure.  The upper legs might be from the 25th Anniversary Scarlett and the boots, well, those are a mystery right now.  It looks to be a solid parts combination that does a pretty decent job of recreating the original 1993 Ninja Force Scarlett figure while still following the Club’s pattern of primarily reusing existing parts.

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