Closer look at G.I. Joe vs. Transformers Ninja Force Scarlett

The June 2016 issue of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club magazine is hitting member mailboxes and with it comes a better look at the forthcoming G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set Ninja Force Scarlett.

G.I. Joe Ninja Force Scarlett cover

So, how’s Scarlett looking?  To the eyes of this Joe fan, pretty good!  I see the Renegades Scarlett head and what appears to be the upper torso of the Retaliation Jinx combined with the arms of the SDCC Zarana figure.  The upper legs might be from the 25th Anniversary Scarlett and the boots, well, those are a mystery right now.  It looks to be a solid parts combination that does a pretty decent job of recreating the original 1993 Ninja Force Scarlett figure while still following the Club’s pattern of primarily reusing existing parts.

As for the rest, I noticed a few things about Dr. Biggles-Jones that I hadn’t noticed previously.  Her head is a reuse of the head from the FSS 1 Jinx figure (which is a repurposed Valor vs. Venom era sculpt), her upper torso seems to be the same mysteriously new piece that was used for Pythona, and her coat appears to be from a Marvel Universe Gambit.  I’m not crazy about the Jinx head which wasn’t designed for a 4″ scale figure and ends up looking just, well, TINY.  Sure, it’s an okay match for the comic likeness (mirrored in the gallery below) but it’s not a great likeness. Of the two female figures in the set she’s definitely not as strong of a build as Ninja Force Scarlett.

As a reminder, the forthcoming set is slated to include:

There’s been no word on when this set will be released yet or what the eventual price point will be but I have the feeling we’ll find out this information at the last-ever Fun Publications Collector’s Club Roundtable panel that is scheduled for 3:00pm MST on Saturday.  We’ll be recapping the news from the panel as part of our Joe Con 2016 Armchair Coverage!

So, what do you think of this build for Ninja Force Scarlett?  Will you be getting this set or is it an easy pass?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Closer look at G.I. Joe vs. Transformers Ninja Force Scarlett

  1. Re Scarlett’s build- her lower legs and feet (and possibly knees- hard to tell) first appeared on 2009’s Air Viper Commando that popped up with the Claw and again in the DOCI 7-pack. Upper legs are def Renegades Scarlett. I wish they had reused the whole torso build from Pythona here instead of swapping out the new upper torso with the smaller Jinx upper torso- but otherwise a great build.

    The doctor’s jacket is from the Renegades 4-pack Snake Eyes. Arms from ROC Cover Girl. Upper torso from Pythona. Lower torso and legs from Resolute Scarlett. Excepting the tiny head…this is a great build. I wish they had given her that crazy big gun from ROC Flash, however, for her rail gun…

  2. I read the review of Pythona and there appeared to be a mystery over her lower legs. The knees and lower legs are from 5-pack Baroness believe it or not. The feet are def retooled Jinx feet. I wonder if the Club did that or if Hasbro had them laying about unused after deciding to go for rocker ankles…

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