G.I.Joe Gets Social

According to USA Today (for the full story click the link) G.I.Joe will be going social with a Special Ops game that can be played on Facebook or the Syfy Games site.

The franchise of toys, cartoons, comics and movies celebrates its 30th year of pitting the military G.I. Joe team against the evil organization of Cobra, which means a lot of characters built up since 1982. Gamers and longtime fans will have a chance to pick teams of their favorites for battle in the new G.I. Joe: Special Ops social game launching in June from Hasbro and Syfy.

I might actually start playing games on Facebook and get revenge for all those Farmville requests.

Joe Battlelines Top 10 Classic Comic Issue


Once again you, the members of JBL, were asked to give us your top ten and you responded.  After a little delay (technically last year, happy 2012) we are pleased to present what you voted as your Top Ten Classic A Real American Hero Comic Book Issue(s


Issue #95 Summary

The Baroness takes the captured Snake Eyes to the Cobra Consulate building in New York. Scarlett is flown from Switzerland to NY in a coma. The Baroness tries to cover up things and hide them from Destro as Snake Eyes fights his way up towards the Baroness Storm Shadow Stalker and Wade Collins go to Snake Eyes’ aid. Billy and Raptor go to Cobra Commander’s gravesite.

Only1 says: Snake Eyes Trilogy– originally to be a graphic novel, it was broken up and put into the main series. Snake Eyes gets a new face only to get hot coals thrown into his face. Hama uses stroyline to introduce Snake eyes new costume as he pulls different parts off the people he beats. Scarlett is shot and near the brink of death… (and these events lead to issue #102 and Snake Eyes saying the only word he had ever said in the series, “Scarlett.”)


Issue #94 Summary

While undergoing surgery in Bern Switzerland Snake Eyes has a flashback that involves a young Baroness. In the present the Baroness, believing Snake Eyes is responsible for her brother Eugen’s death, attacks Scarlett and Snake Eyes at the hospital after getting a tip from Dr. Hundtkinder. Raptor contacts Billy.


Issue #27 Summary

Storm Shadow reveals that he did not kill his uncle, the Hard Master, but believes the job was done by someone in Cobra, which he has infiltrated to find the real killer.Snake-Eyes recruitment in GI Joe, his first meeting with Scarlett and the accident that disfigured & rendered him mute are all told. Plus, Scarlett reveals her love for Snake-Eyes.


Issue #26 Summary

Part one of a two-part story of Snake-Eyes’ background. Stalker explains his history with Snake-Eyes & Tommy Arashikage(Storm Shadow) in Vietnam. Snake-Eyes meets the Soft Master who relieves the history of the Arashikage Clan & the rivarlry between Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow. Plus the death of the Hard Master by Storm Shadow.

LordEd1976  says: the story of Snake-Eyes. plus a peek at Zartan. (in more ways than one)


Issue #61 Summary

Stalker, Outback, Snow Job, and Quick Kick are given a special secret mission to bust out a journalist taken prisoner in Borovia. They discover that the journalist has already been released after they raid the prison. As they fight their way out, Snow Job and Quick Kick are injured. Stalker then orders Outback to leave them behind. Billy turns his back on his father. Cobra Commander then turns his back on Fred VII, who shoots Cobra Commander.

LittleE says: Snow Job, Stalker, Quick Kick captured & Outback ordered to flee

Icebreaker says: Beginnings and endings. Mission gone awry, Cobra Commander shot…

#5 (TIE)

Issue #49 Summary

The Beginning of the Battle of Springfield. Rip Cord gives the Joe team the location of Cobra Headquarters, which is Springfield, Vermont. Dr. Mindbender and Destro raid the tombs of greatest leaders of all time for their DNA. Dr. Mindbender then uses the Brainwave Scanner to create Serpentor. The Joes engage in a full out attack on the city of Springfield. Serpentor immediately takes command of the Cobra ground forces as Cobra evacuates.

Issue #53 Summary

As an attempt to win the loyalty of the Cobra troops, Cobra Commander leads an attack on the GI Joe base, The Pit. The Joes have been suspended, so as Cobra attacks they are mostly attacking a deserted base. Hawk, along with a couple of Generals and an Admiral fight a losing battle inside The Pit. Cobra Commander and Destro are in the bottom of The Pit when it completely collapses.

LordEd1976 says: the origin of Serpentor and the invasion of Springfield. I like how the comic actually tried to use some sort of science to explain Serpentor’s origins.

Dusty Ayers says: Just a cool issue and it’s the first appearance of Lift Ticket and Slip Stream. Precursor to the big #50 issue and the battle of Springfield.

LittleE says: Attack on the second Pitt


Issue #39 Summary

The Joes rescue Dr. Adele Burkhart in the jungles of Sierra Gordo, with help from a native tribe called the Tucaros. Storm Shadow begins to give Billy training as a ninja.

LittleE says: Sierra Gordo & Recondo

Dusty Ayers says: It’s just an awesome story.


Issue #14 Summary
Destro attacks as Kwinn, Dr. Venom, and Snake-Eyes form an uneasy truce to get out of the sunken bunker and escape Sierra Gordo.

Dusty Ayers says: First appearance of Ace – My favorite Joe, ‘nuff said.

Only1 said: (much like 33) this story is muted in the grand scheme of things but this set up a ton of stuff to be played out in future issues. The first full appearance of Destro, the Joe’s trying to catch the Commander… good stuff.

Lt Storm: This Issue holds some personal meaning to me. My (late) Grandmother bought this issue for my brother and I. For whatever reason I have always remembered this cover.


It is no surprise that this issue made into the top ten list, the infamous Silent Issue.

Issue #21 Summary
Snake-Eyes rescues Scarlett from Destro’s Cobra stronghold.

LordEd1976 says: the silent issue. No words or sound effects but it still felt exciting as hell. Also, it featured the first appearance of Storm Shadow and started a saga that runs to this day

And your top issue as voted by you is….(drum roll please)


Issue #34 Summary
Ace and Lady Jaye take a modified SkyStriker up for a flight, even as Wild Weasel and Baroness do likewise with a Rattler. A battle ensues, ends in a draw, with the two pilots saluting each other out of respect.

LordEd1976 says: Ace vs Wild Weasel!!!! The Joe Dogfight by which all other dogfights are judged!!

LittleE says: Ace vs. Wild Weasel

Dusty Ayers says: Ace vs Wild Weasel – Absolutely redonkulus (did I spell that right, haha). I never knew this issue existed because it was really hard to find comics in my hometown as a kid. We didn’t have a dedicated comic shop so I only got issues when I was in town with the fam at B Dalton. I started collecting around issue #50. I got the “readers digest” a few years later with multiple comics in them in the small size. When I first read it I was blown away. It was pretty much the issue I always wanted because it featured my favorite joe, Ace, battling his Cobra nemisis.

Only1 says: as said here already, incredible issue. One of my favorites… always has been, always will be.

Cover images and Issue Summary from YoJoe.com!  I’d like to personally thank you all for patiently waiting.  Keep your eyes open for our next TOP TEN!

Sideshow Collectibles General Hawk

When the preview was first released all we were teased with was this image.

Not much of a thrill, but with Sideshow’s reputation you knew that this figure wouldn’t let us fans down, even if you don’t have the cash to spend on these works of art.  If you own Duke and Flint you’ll want to get Hawk as well, the three of them look great standing together, toss Beachhead in there and you can relive the animated series. 

You can view more at the gallery HERE

Joe Con 2011 Special Guest & 25th Carded Dial-Tone

If you are going to this years JoeCon here are a two more reasons why you are lucky to be going.  The G.I.Joe Collectors Club has announced a special guest at this years JoeCon, Morgan Lofting the voice of the Baroness, the first woman of Cobra, in the classic animated series.

Toynewsi.com reports that Fun Publications will be making available a very limited number of CARDED 25th Anniversary Dial-Tone figures. The carded figure will be available at JoeCon as well as Hank Garrett, the voice of Dial-Tone, who will be signing carded figures purchased at the show. They will be limited to 600 pieces.

JoeBattlelines Top Ten O-Ring Figures


Our last Top Ten ended up being all vehicles and playsets, so you asked for another Top Ten focusing only on figures.  You were asked for your Top Ten figures and you responded with quite a few surprises.  There is not one single Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander or Duke in your final Top Ten!  So let’s get right to it then.

#10.  Storm Shadow V2

Released in 1988 this version of Storm Shadow is a fan favorite, it was his first G.I.Joe Team uniform.

#9.  Baroness

Released in 1984, as Scarlett is the first lady of G.I.Joe, Baroness is the first lady of Cobra, and the only female figure to make into the Tope Ten.

LordEd1976 said – Cobra’s number one bad girl.  In black leather.  What?  You need MORE reasons?

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