Joe Con 2011 Special Guest & 25th Carded Dial-Tone

If you are going to this years JoeCon here are a two more reasons why you are lucky to be going.  The G.I.Joe Collectors Club has announced a special guest at this years JoeCon, Morgan Lofting the voice of the Baroness, the first woman of Cobra, in the classic animated series. reports that Fun Publications will be making available a very limited number of CARDED 25th Anniversary Dial-Tone figures. The carded figure will be available at JoeCon as well as Hank Garrett, the voice of Dial-Tone, who will be signing carded figures purchased at the show. They will be limited to 600 pieces.

One thought on “Joe Con 2011 Special Guest & 25th Carded Dial-Tone

  1. I may have to track down one of these just because the packaging is so slick.

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