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Our last Top Ten ended up being all vehicles and playsets, so you asked for another Top Ten focusing only on figures.  You were asked for your Top Ten figures and you responded with quite a few surprises.  There is not one single Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander or Duke in your final Top Ten!  So let’s get right to it then.

#10.  Storm Shadow V2

Released in 1988 this version of Storm Shadow is a fan favorite, it was his first G.I.Joe Team uniform.

#9.  Baroness

Released in 1984, as Scarlett is the first lady of G.I.Joe, Baroness is the first lady of Cobra, and the only female figure to make into the Tope Ten.

LordEd1976 said – Cobra’s number one bad girl.  In black leather.  What?  You need MORE reasons?

#8.  Headhunter Storm Trooper

Released in 1993, the Stormtrooper was originally supposed to be part of the DEF line but was released under the Battle Corps line instead.

KansasBrawler said – The sculpt translates their “baddest of the bad” nature from their filecard.  It’s a great looking urban operative who makes the Alley Viper look like a wimp.

LordEd1976 said – Great design.  Love the death’s head mask.

#7.  Low Light

Released in 1986, Low Light is one of the most requested to get a modern sculpt update that is slated to come out in the Pursuit of Cobra line paying homage to his classic look.

alvarobm said – As a kid, he was my only sniper until Ambush joined the team.  The cool gray/black look is awesome.  I like the ’91 version a lot, but simply doesn’t have the same appeal to me.

icebreaker said – Nice figure, awesome colors, big pack, small and big gun with bi-pod

#6.  Hit & Run

Released in 1988, Hit & Run came with a grappling hook that connected to a crank which fit into his pack.

alvarobm said – He was my first “American” figure (before him, I only had Brazilian figs).  He has a great military look, fantastic camo, and very useful accessories.

icebreaker said – For the all camo coolness, sort of mountain-trooper feel, awesome gear bag with knife.

#5.  Shockwave

Released in 1988, he was the Joe teams S.W.A.T Specialist.

zedhatch said – Simple, no doubt what he is and does, love that figure.

#4.  Falcon

Released in 1987 he was introduced in G.I.Joe The Movie and voiced by Don Johnson.  He was renamed Lt. Falcon in 1988.

Sonneilon said – Cool backpack, shotgun, beret, great colors…  Too bad the cartoon made him kind of a dork and a lot of people bashed him due to that.  The comic apparently didn’t help much either.  But he was one of my faves.

#3.  Tunnel Rat

Released in 1987, TR was also featured along with Falcon in G.I.Joe The Movie, he was sculpted to look like Larry Hamma.

alvarobm said – Another favorite character, plus has that awesome backpack with removable flashlights, and a cool machine gun.

Sonneilon said – Overall great design w/ a great color scheme.  What came later during the theme era, gah.

icebreaker said – More for the look of the figure.

#2.  Destro V2

Released in 1988, he was packaged with his Despoiler and marked the introduction of his own team, The Iron Grenadiers.

zedhatch said – Such a deviation from the first version, but it works great as a separate and distinct Destro while remaining true to the character.

KansasBrawler said – To me, this has always been the best version of Destro.  It was definitely my favorite Cobra/Iron Grenadier figure as a kid.

LordEd1976 said – Like Sgt. Major says in Marvel #69, “That new uniform is bonny.”

#1.  Rock n Roll V2

Released in 1989, you voted Rock & Roll as our #1 O-Ring figure.  Rock & Roll was one of the original 13 members of G.I.Joe and has to be one of his best updates.  He came with two gatling hand CANNONS, not guns but freaking cannons.  You did not want to get in this guys way.  He also came with a rifle that fit on the side of his leg.

zedhatch said – Loved the gatling guns and the mold.

KansasBrawler said – This version of Rock ‘n’ Roll really stepped things up in terms of accessories and was a great update to one of the original 13.

alvarobm said – A great update of a very cool character, has a surfer look and cool weapons.

icebreaker said – For the “update” yet stand-alone figure.  Has a big weapon system and side arm.

So there you have it JLBer’s your Top Ten O-Ring figures.  We’d like to thank all of you who helped us out with your lists and once again thank for the images for our Top Ten.

4 thoughts on “JoeBattlelines Top Ten O-Ring Figures

  1. i like the list. Very telling that the usual suspects didn’t make the cut. In a perfect world, Hasbro would pay attention to something like this.

  2. Awesome list. Completely agreed with it. These are some of my favorite figures, especially Rock & Roll, Falcon, and Shockwave.

  3. I find #10 and #1 to be the biggest surprises. Version 2 Storm Shadow is a step backwards from the original in terms of accessories for me. Also ‘Cobra assassin ninja’ seems a bit more useful in my Joe-verse than ‘Snake Eye’s ninja buddy’. V2 Rock ‘n Roll is certainly the character’s best incarnation, but the best O-ring figure ever? His weapons are nice, but gear him up fully and he looks a little ridiculous. To think that he beat out the awesome specialized Vipers released in the same year boggles me. I’d replace him at the top spot with a Night Viper. To quote: ‘He also came with a rifle that fit on the side of his leg.’, and a killer black and green look. Mine spent about a year hidden in some bushes before my dad found him while gardening.

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