JoeBattlelines Top Ten O-Ring Figures


Our last Top Ten ended up being all vehicles and playsets, so you asked for another Top Ten focusing only on figures.  You were asked for your Top Ten figures and you responded with quite a few surprises.  There is not one single Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander or Duke in your final Top Ten!  So let’s get right to it then.

#10.  Storm Shadow V2

Released in 1988 this version of Storm Shadow is a fan favorite, it was his first G.I.Joe Team uniform.

#9.  Baroness

Released in 1984, as Scarlett is the first lady of G.I.Joe, Baroness is the first lady of Cobra, and the only female figure to make into the Tope Ten.

LordEd1976 said – Cobra’s number one bad girl.  In black leather.  What?  You need MORE reasons?

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