Madmac41 reviews the Target Conquest & Rattler!

target.gifWhile the “senior staff” has been on a sabbatical at JBL, Scott “Madmac41” McAllister has been busy snapping up the latest 25A product to hit the store shelves.  His latest aquisitions are none other than the Target-exclusive Conquest X-30 and Cobra Rattler jets!

Check out Scott’s review in the 25th Anniversary Index!

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What’s happened to the Daily News?

dailynews.jpgSome of you might have been asking yourself: “Where has the Daily News gone?”

Without going into too much detail, sometimes the priorities of “real life” can weigh in more than anyone realized.  Since August 2, 2004 JBL has provided “Daily News” five days a week– covering all of the various Joe-related items found on the web by the staff each day.  JBL has also been a site for in-depth product reviews (more than just a few sentences and a couple of pics) as well as interviews with “Joe folk” from all venues.  It’s all been part of an effort to create a site that would ultimately prove to be a useful resource for fans of all scales of Joe. 

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2008 Q&A round 3 answers posted!

qna.gifYou asked and Hasbro answered!

The answers to round 3 of the 2008 Hasbro Q & A session have been posted in the forums!  Check ’em out now!

Also, General Hawk has updated the Hasbro Q & A Index page over at with links to all of the responses posted so far from ALL of the participating web sites. It’s the single most comprehensive listing found anywhere!

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2008 wave 5 REVIEWED!

bazooka.gifBarbecue, Bazooka, Cobra Battle Android Trooper, General Hawk, Ninja-Ku, and the Cobra Snow Serpent.

These aren’t the members of the latest boy band to take the pop music scene by storm– they’re the figures found in 2008 Wave 5.  They’ve also just been added to the 25th Anniversary Review Index here at JBL! Check out the reviews and the pics as the latest single-carded wave is reviewed in detail!

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2008 Collector’s Convention coverage

joecon2008.gifAfter some rather abrupt changes to plans this year, convention coverage is coming in– this time from CmderinChief and General Hawk!

Check out the Operation: Convention forum for the latest updates including:

I’d like to thank CmnderinChief for taking over coverage at the last minute. His hard work this weekend is GREATLY appreciated.

Also, check out fantastic coverage of this weekend’s event at,, and

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25th Comic Packs Wave 4 REVIEWED!

25coverhasbro5.jpgContinuing the collaborative efforts between and JBL, the latest wave of comic packs have been reviewed. Shipwreck vs. Copperhead, Firefly vs Storm Shadow, and Duke vs. Red Star have all been added to the 25th Comic Pack Review Index as well as the Comic Pack Review Page!

A big thanks goes out to Scott “Madmac41” McAllister for the hook-up on the comic packs!

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2008 wave 4 REVIEWED!

bluddcard.jpgMajor Bludd, Roadblock v2, Arctic Trooper Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander w/ MASS crystals, Tiger Force Flint, Python Patrol Officer, and the Baroness are some of the latest figures in the 25A style that are hitting store shelves!

They’ve all just been reviewed at the 25th Anniversary Index!

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