What’s happened to the Daily News?

dailynews.jpgSome of you might have been asking yourself: “Where has the Daily News gone?”

Without going into too much detail, sometimes the priorities of “real life” can weigh in more than anyone realized.  Since August 2, 2004 JBL has provided “Daily News” five days a week– covering all of the various Joe-related items found on the web by the staff each day.  JBL has also been a site for in-depth product reviews (more than just a few sentences and a couple of pics) as well as interviews with “Joe folk” from all venues.  It’s all been part of an effort to create a site that would ultimately prove to be a useful resource for fans of all scales of Joe. 

Lately, the site has become “work” which is something that I never thought I’d see happen.  My malaise with the 25th Anniversary era of Joe seems to have grown with the never-ending sea of repaints and mold reuses.  While I find myself looking forward to the forthcoming RESOLUTE animated mini-series and the relauch of the comic by IDW Publishing, the “no-ring” figures just don’t feel as inspired as those found in eras.  In other words, my “Joe batteries” are running a bit low on juice these days.

 In order to avoid “burn-out”, I’ve been taking some time off.  This has meant no new reviews for a bit (although the latest wave of Marauder products will be going up soon) and no Daily News for the past two weeks.  I love GIJoe as a brand and I love JBL as a site but the workload of keeping things going as a “one man band” have pretty much left me running on empty for a bit.  So, I’m taking a short sabbatical. 

 This isn’t saying that the site is going away or that I’m quitting the hobby.  Far from it– it just means that “The Dragon” needs to take some time off for “good behavior”.  It also means that JBL will be seeking any help from any interested parties in terms of keeping the site updated with reviews, news, etc.  My goal has always been to have a dynamic staff that provides a variety of fresh and interesting Joe-related content without exploiting the fans for personal gain.  As such, anyone who is interested in helping out should feel free to contact me via email (leo@joebattlelines.com) at their earliest convenience. 

So, in a break from the usual format, I felt it was time to offer an explanation (albeit not too detailed) as to why updates have tapered off here lately.  The site isn’t going anywhere, but the Admin just needs a real break.

Keep your eyes peeled on the main page as I’ll post an update when things get back to normal as far as the news.  In the meantime, I know that the staff will continue to update the main page with anything that “breaks” in the Joe fandom.


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