JoeCon 2012: Online registration for attendees SHOULD be today

If you’re a member of the Collector’s Club then you no doubt have been receiving a steady stream of emails with updates on the status of online registration for the 2012 Collector’s Convention in New Orleans.  With the con happening in just over a month, many fans are eager to sign-up and stake their claim on one of the anticipated Operation Bear Trap convention sets.

According to the latest word, registration should go live some time today:

Hello all!

Well, once again I have to tell you registration is not going to be up today.  I’m going to give them all day tomorrow to retest the system so we will try again on Wednesday.   There are some individual browsers that are creating java issues with required fields and we don’t want your information to come in incomplete as this could hinder your registration being approved.

Again, just to make sure when it does go live that your registration is error free, please review the new package matrix and the FAQs.

Thanks  for your patience.

See you in NOLA!


Keep your eyes peeled on the 2012 Convention page for more information.