JoeCon 2012: Parachute figure revealed as Retaliation movie trooper!

You’ve got to hand it to the Club sometimes.  (Yes, I did just say that.)  In the wake of the 11th hour rescheduling of the release of G.I. Joe Retaliation, the GIJCC found itself with a HUGE gap in its convention schedule.  However, the traditional parachute drop was added back and figures were produced at the last minute.  Today, fans found out what those were.

The Cobra “Stealth” Paratrooper is a repaint of the Retaliation Cobra Trooper— parachute and all.

It’s a completely logical move, actually.  The figure was already designed to work WITH a parachute and is a mold that Hasbro most certainly could produce a fast run of figures on.   I do have to admit– the paratroopers DO look a lot like Snake Eyes.  Still, kudos to the Club for pulling this one off.

(Photos courtesy of Madmac41, &