GIJoe: Cobra #3 and “Best of Cobra Commander” hit stores today!

Best of Cobra Commander TPB

Best of Cobra Commander TPB

According to Diamond Comics’ distribution list, the following GIJoe items from IDW Publishing hit stores today:

  • G.I. Joe Best Of Cobra Commander TP, $19.99
    G.I. Joe Cobra #3 (Howard Chaykin Cover), $3.99
    G.I. Joe Cobra #3 (Antonio Fuso Cover), $3.99
    G.I. Joe Cobra #3 (Howard Chaykin Virgin Variant Cover)

GIJoe: Cobra chronicles the efforts of Chuckles to infiltrate this “new shadow organization” while the Best of Cobra Commander TPB is described as:

Relive the greatest, most defining moments of the key characters from the exciting G.I. Joe comics universe in this collection from IDW! Collecting the most incriminating comics moments of G.I. Joe’s COBRA, this volume focuses on Cobra Commander, the mastermind behind COBRA. Read all about his criminally-genius, sinister actions in classic G.I. Joe issues #1, 5, 16, 38, 55, and 61!

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GIJoe Resolute Q & A!


The fine folks at Hasbro want to give us the chance to ask the Resolute Film Makers any questions we may have. Read the details.

You’ve seen Resolute – now get the answers to all your burning questions! The creative team (Joaquim Dos Santos – Director, Dan Norton – Lead Background & Prop Designer, Steve Drucker – Executive Producer) that brought you Resolute will discuss your questions and feedback in an exclusive Hasbro interview.

Submit your questions by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 3rd – then return to on May 7, 2009 and watch the interview to see if we picked your question and to get all the behind-the-scenes intel!

Thanks for sending your question to Hasbro. Check back May 7 to see if we chose your question.

Here is a link to submit your question.

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Resolute Airs Tonight! News Highlights!

resolute First off  let me start out by saying “I’m Back” not that I went any where but my computer did. Here are some highlights that are currently happening.

  • First up “Resolute” Airs on the Cartoon Networks Adult Swim at Midnight Eastern time for those of you besides myself who have been waiting to watch it all at once.
  •  Next up There have been a lot of great customs this week in the Custom Central Command .
  • Generals Joes has links to a ton of new figure pics that have been found on e-bay.
  • A new listing on a Target computer is for a GI Joe then and now Vehicle and Figure. This should be considered a rumor until we some offical word on this. Head over to Checkpoint Alpha to join in on the speculation!
  • Last but not least Cmderinchief has posted in hand pics of Rise of COBRA Cobra Commander head over and check them out!