Resolute Airs Tonight! News Highlights!

resolute First off  let me start out by saying “I’m Back” not that I went any where but my computer did. Here are some highlights that are currently happening.

  • First up “Resolute” Airs on the Cartoon Networks Adult Swim at Midnight Eastern time for those of you besides myself who have been waiting to watch it all at once.
  •  Next up There have been a lot of great customs this week in the Custom Central Command .
  • Generals Joes has links to a ton of new figure pics that have been found on e-bay.
  • A new listing on a Target computer is for a GI Joe then and now Vehicle and Figure. This should be considered a rumor until we some offical word on this. Head over to Checkpoint Alpha to join in on the speculation!
  • Last but not least Cmderinchief has posted in hand pics of Rise of COBRA Cobra Commander head over and check them out!