GIJoe Resolute Q & A!


The fine folks at Hasbro want to give us the chance to ask the Resolute Film Makers any questions we may have. Read the details.

You’ve seen Resolute – now get the answers to all your burning questions! The creative team (Joaquim Dos Santos – Director, Dan Norton – Lead Background & Prop Designer, Steve Drucker – Executive Producer) that brought you Resolute will discuss your questions and feedback in an exclusive Hasbro interview.

Submit your questions by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 3rd – then return to on May 7, 2009 and watch the interview to see if we picked your question and to get all the behind-the-scenes intel!

Thanks for sending your question to Hasbro. Check back May 7 to see if we chose your question.

Here is a link to submit your question.

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Thanks to Gen. Scarlett for the intel.