G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Cesspool Reviewed!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Cesspool

Cesspool! He’s a toxic menace who’s out to destroy the world! The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club figure has arrived!

In the early 90’s, environmentalism was all the rage.  TBS had “Captain Planet” and the recycling movement was gaining steam.  Ever the product of its time, G.I. Joe responded and introduced the heroic Eco-Warriors vs. the embodiment of corporate pollution– the evil Cobra C.E.O. Cesspool!  Once a greedy corporate tycoon, this twisted mad man was driven to bring the world to its knees with the use of his Plasma-Tox chemicals!  Thanks to the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service, this insane villain is now ready to menace Joe collections everywhere!

Chris Chung of Joesightings.com and I sit down to take a look at this latest FSS release that sports an all-new head sculpt from the talent team at Boss Fight Studios.   Does this figure live up to the hype?  Or is he a toxic addition to the ranks of Cobra?

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G.I. Joe Collector’s Club FSS Shipment 4 is Now Arriving!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Figure Subscription Service 2.0

It’s a brand new year and the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club is ensuring that some fans will be starting 2014 with some brand-new Joes! That’s right, shipment #4 of the Figure Subscription Service is now shipping!

Now it’s become a big deal that some folks are discussing which figures are in the shipment as soon as they arrive.  I can understand that some people want to be surprised while others want to know which of the figures they paid nearly $30.00 each for are arriving.  I won’t sink to dragging this discussion down into the sewers by outright revealing who has arrived even though the internet is a conduit for information.   However, if you find yourself staying up all night with your curiosity piqued and want to seek out the answer like some sort of nocturnal bird-of-prey, then scroll down a bit further for some images courtesy of the G.I. Joe Reference Guide Facebook page.











Okay, you’ve been warned.  It’s Cesspool and Night Force Falcon!

Finally we’re getting to what I consider to be the real meat of FSS 2.0!  When the list was first announced at Joe Con 2014, these were two of the figures that convinced me to sign up, along with Dragonsky, Admiral Keel Haul, and Tollbooth.  Early images of Falcon spotted on the web show that he is a straight-up repaint of the Slaughter’s Marauder’s version but now features the web gear of the 30th Anniversary Cobra Trooper.  Cesspool utilizes the awesome 30th Anniversary Techno-Viper body and features an AMAZING new head sculpt from Boss Fight Studios.   Personally, I can’t wait for these two beauties to arrive in my mailbox– most likely on Tuesday!

So, there you have it– the identities of the next two figures. Just like the cartoon said: “And now you know…”

Check back later this coming week for two brand-new reviews of the latest FSS figures added to the Collector’s Club Review Index here at JBL!

FSS 2.0: Carded Cesspool Revealed!

It’s been awfully quiet on the G.I. Joe toy news front lately.  However, the good folks over at the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club decided to spice things up a bit with a bit of an unveiling today.  Over on their Facebook page they unveiled a carded sample of one of the figures from FSS 2.0— the Cobra CEO: CESSPOOL!

G.I. Joe FSS 2 Cesspool

Cesspool, not to be confused with the uber-awesome Merc With a Mouth Deadpool, was Cobra’s analogy to the 1989 movie version of the Joker.  Disfigured in a chemical accident, he was one part brilliant businessman and two parts chemically-induced nutjob.  Granted, good old Cesspool was used only sparingly in both the DiC series and in the Marvel Comics run but, by all appearances, this figure does a SOLID job of capturing the classic ARAH figure and bringing him forward into the Generation 3 era.  Based on the body of the Techno-Viper and featuring an AMAZING headsculpt from Boss Fight Studio, this was one of the figures that immediately convinced me to sign up for the second round of the FSS.

One cool detail that I noticed when drooling over looking at the image above is that Cesspool’s right eye is now completely “dead”.  LOVE IT!  I’m not entirely sold on the card art which seems just a bit too jolly even with the giant scar but I also have ZERO intention of leaving this figure sealed.  (GASP!  I know!  I’m not a real collector!)  Going just on the figure alone this one looks to be a good addition to the Cobra shelf.

No ETA on when FSS 2.0 will start shipping but this just ramps up the excitement a bit.  So while you’re waiting for him to arrive, check out JBL’s Review of the 1991 Cesspool figure!


G.I. Joe FSS 2: Cesspool & Bombardier mock-ups unveiled!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Figure Subscription Service 2.0

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club is pulling out all of the stops during this Figure Subscription Service sign-up period– with two more mock-up being unveiled today!  The deadline to sign-up is May 22, 2013 and only two more mock-ups remain a mystery.


Maybe I’m a “bad” G.I. Joe collector but I’ve never been very interested in collecting international figures– until now.  The GIJCC took the “blonde Flash” from a few years ago and brought him firmly forward into the Generation 3 era of G.I. Joe.  This new version is faithful to his Palitoy origins in terms of initial gear and parts construction.  However, he goes completely over the top into “cool” with the inclusion of the Rise of Cobra missile drone accessory.  Now if only the Club will give him the name of “Dave Tree” in honor of the Joe detective who shed light on the mysterious origins of this figure!


Cesspool is one of those figures that I discovered later in life.  I was out of actively collecting G.I. Joe when he was released in 1991 and it wasn’t until I wrote the 1991 Cesspool ARAH Review for JBL that I discovered just how amazingly interesting the character was.  From his twisted backstory as a cost-cutting CEO to his disfiguring scarred countenance, the character of Vincent D’Alleva really appealed to me.  His inclusion in FSS 2.0 was one of the swaying factors in this particular Joe fan’s decision to sign-up.  While the Club’s mock-up is mostly digital, I’m happy with the parts combination and am looking forward to seeing a more tangible prototype in the future.  This guy is almost the Joker of the G.I. Joe world– what’s NOT to love?!

If this hasn’t convinced you to sign up for FSS 2.0, maybe the final two releases will!