How Diamond Select is transforming my G.I. Joe collection

I’m a child of the 80’s.  While I was born in the early 70’s, my formative years took place firmly during the “decade of excess” and it made an indelible impression upon me.  My childhood was filled with many of the 80’s properties– the A-Team, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Back to the Future, MASK, Transformers, and a certain line of 1:18 scale military figures that were “Real American Heroes”.  (Sorry He-Man– you were just too goofy for my tastes.)

Some of these properties had toy lines that were compatible with G.I. Joe and some didn’t.  As a kid I’d have done just about anything to have Wild Bill flying Airwolf while KITT transported Chuckles and Shipwreck to rescue the A-Team who were pinned down by Cobra and the Decepticons.  However, it just didn’t happen.  Knight Rider had a VERY small toy line that consisted of some Hot Wheels cars and a larger “talking KITT”, MASK was too small, most Airwolf toys were die-cast, and the Galoob A-Team figures were– well, goofy at best.  (I still own a set, however.  Yeah I know… mark of shame.)

Last year’s release of the theatrical adaptation of the A-Team gave me some decent figures of the team and a van to boot.  (Still need to post a review of those too!)   Now the folks at Diamond Select Toys are helping me to fill in some other gaps.


Back to the Future: (Slated for October 2012)

I loved the BTTF films back in the day.  The twisting and overlapping plot line of Marty’s family life always held my attention but one of the real stars of the film was the Delorean.  Doc Brown said it best: “If you’re going to make time machine out of a car you might as well do it with some style!”  My favorite version?  The hover-conversion model from the beginning of Back to the Future 2.  It took the awesomeness of the Delorean, tossed on a “Mr. Fusion” home reactor, and gave us a hover conversion!  Seriously– what’s not to like about that?

Well, along came Diamond with their BTTF line and VOILA!  A 1:15 scale toy that will seat G.I. Joe/Star Wars/1:18 scale figures!!  Imagine the possibilities– now that 25th Anniversary Matt Trakker figure has a ride of his own!

Check out this video of the prototype… meant to leave our mouths watering for more:

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