GI Joe Podcasting RETURNS: “What’s on JOE Mind?” is here!

Ever miss chatting with your buds at JoeCon?  Ever wondered what Joe Talk would sound like on the radio?  Do you like Podcasts?  If you answered yes to any of these you need to check out the Joe Community’s #1 GI Joe Podcast, “What’s on JOE Mind?”  (WOJM for short)  Every week JBL forum members General Hawk, Crosshair, Cmderinchief and new guy chuckdawg1999 review the news of the last week and interview community personalities, some you might even know yourself!  Discuss it in our forums now and find links and notes to their past shows.  Check out the story after the break to read more about the show.


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Oh so SHINY! Storm Shadow Forever Review and Pics

What do you get when you mix chrome and ninjas?  Well, for one, you get a better looking ninja and secondly, you get the STORM SHADOW FOREVER edition.  I managed to obtain a pair and wrote up a small review to share with the community.  Check out the review in this thread in the JBL forums. Enjoy!

No, these are NOT Oscars!

No, these are NOT Oscars!

JBL Flashback: One year ago today

It was a mere 365 days ago when the GIJCC decided to have fun with its loyal collectors’ base with a “joke” convention figure.  This angered some, while others got a chuckle.  So, on April Fool’s 2009, let step back in the WAY BACK machine into JBL a year ago.  Behold the birth of the Cobra FOOL Trooper:



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HoH Floodgates have opened!

A virtual flood of new HoH images came on the heels of those released by our friends at Reloaded.  In addition, JBL has two exclusives, Flint and Commando Snake Eyes to add to the mix.  Below is a complete list of links and the discussion threads in the JBL forums!

HoH SE HoH Flint

You can view more images of Flint and Commando Snake Eyes in the forums.

GIJCC links:
Previously seen Viper
BAT w/ Battle Damaged Head via headswap

Discuss in the JBL Forums HERE!

Four more are set to appear and when links become available, we’ll update the page!