Cobra Commander Dio From Sideshow

Sideshow has posted up images of their new Cobra Commander Diorama that goes up for presale tomorrow, Tuesday November 23rd,  will be priced at $299.99.  There will be 2 versions available one with two additional switch-out heads (helmeted and hooded), switch-out left hand holding a sword, and switch-out right hand holding a pistol.  There will also be a regular version without switch-out accessories which they currently have listed at the same price.  Here’s a few images,you can visit their site by clicking above to view more.

SDCC coverage continues! More pics from Nomad!

SDCC LogoJust a quick update, more pics of the SDCC G.I. Joe products have been posted– including more more images from Sideshow, Hasbro (3.75″, Combat Heroes, Action Battlers) – including the forthcoming TRU exclusive Bench Press and the forthcoming Target exclusive sets.

Check out the pics here!

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Sideshow Cobra Commander arrives!

Sideshow's 1:6 Cobra Commander

Sideshow's 1:6 Cobra Commander

If you’re a 1:6 scale GIJoe collector the announcement last year of Sideshow Toys acquisition of the GIJoe license may very well have left you weak in the knees.

GIJoe 12″ collector SinChicken has provided JBL with a plethora of photos showing off this latest addition to his 12″ collection.  Heavily-inspired the Cobra Commander of GIJoe: Reloaded, this is one detailed figure!

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Pre-Order up for Sideshow 12″ COBRA Commander

Sideshow COBRA CommanderSideshow Collectibles has posted pre-orders for the Regular and Exclusive edition 12″ COBRA Commander figures.  The exclusive edition comes with a snake-headed staff with concealed blade only seen in that version.  For whatever reason the exclusive and standard editions are both the same price, $99.99.

The regular version of the 12″ Snake Eyes also has a pre-order up at $119.99, the exclusive version of everyone’s favorite G.I. Joe ninja has sold out.  More pictures have been posted at the previous links as well.  Thanks to Felix from the JBL forums for the information.

Sideshow 12″ COBRA Commander preview picture

sideshow.gifSideshow Toys has posted a preview picture of their upcoming 12″ COBRA Commander figure on their website here.  It’s a small picture, only from the chest up, but what can be seen looks pretty incredible.

Evidently drawing some serious inspiration from the G.I. Joe: Reloaded series, COBRA Commander comes decked out in his classic hood and nicely layered black trench coat.  An amazing looking figure…but will it be worth the hefty price tag?  Discuss this in our forums!

Also make sure to keep your eyes peeled to JBL all this week as Sideshow promises to reveal more details at SDCC, and we’ll make sure to have the news here!

Sideshow Toys officially announces 12″ license

sideshow.gifIn a move everyone has been expecting for a few weeks, Sideshow Toys has officially announced that they will be producing 12″ figures based on the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero mythos.

According to their press release “Collectors can look forward to an incredible line from Sideshow – it’s really a line created by fans for fans – very detailed and utilizing the best modern production techniques, and heavily inspired by the classic Real American Hero era designs.”

Suggested retail price is starting at $79.99, and you can read the full press release here.

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