Early looks at Monkey Wrench & Tunnel Rat and TRU’s Bench Press!

Cmderinchief returns from his temporary reprieve with more pictures of figures that are soon to be hitting store shelves!  Showcasing retail exclusives for both Toys R Us and Walmart, this two-pack and single-carded figure are sure to make fans of the “Rise of Cobra” era giddy with delight– or at least put a slight dent in their wallets.

New “Rise of Cobra” product images from Hasbro!

Hasbro just keeps the “Rise of Cobra” parade of hits a-coming!  Check out these new product images for Fall of 2009 including:

2009 Wave 5

– Storm Shadow (Arctic Threat)
– Conrad ‘Duke’ Hauser (City Stirke)
– Snake-Eyes (City Strike)
– Desert Viper
– Wallace ‘Ripcord’ Weems (Jungle Assault)

 Also shown is the eagerly anticipated next wave of Target exclusives including the black SNAKE armor!

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“Rise of Cobra” Wave 4 now available for pre-order at HasbroToyShop.com!

Rise of Cobra Wave 4 Kamakura

Rise of Cobra Wave 4 Kamakura

I’ll admit it — I’m an unabashed Kamakura fan.  I like the concept, I loved Brandon Jerwa’s FANTASTIC “Master & Apprentice” mini-series, and I’ve liked every 3.75″ figure of the character made to date.   So, imagine my giddiness (yes, I just said that) when I checked HasbroToyShop.com this morning and saw that the Wave 4 figures are now available for pre-order!

No idea on when they’ll be arriving but Kamakura cannot get here soon enough!!  (Just when I was starting to shoot review pics again too… )

Remember, the discount code “GIJoe10” is still good for 10% off!

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Walmart “Rise of Cobra” figures listed… sort of…

walmartRemember the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”?  The final scene where the Ark is crated up and hauled off into a seemingly endless warehouse full of other boxes- apparently never to be seen again?

Such is the fate of the “Rise of Cobra” two packs on Walmart.com.  They don’t show up under the “action figures” or “G.I. Joe” categories and they do not show up if any of the character names are searched.

Thanks to our sister-site GeneralsJoes.com, we at least have links to the sold-out products.  (They were in stock for all of one day.)

  • Gung Ho vs. Copperhead
  • Shockblast vs. Night Creeper
  • Tunnel Rat vs. Monkeywrench
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    More “Rise of Cobra” figure reviews from Alexx!

    JBL board member Alexx is back with more reviews of recent “Rise of Cobra” figures.  Mixing humor with practicality, his observations on these new releases are sure to bring a smile to the face of any Joe fan.

    You can check out these fan reviews and more in the Mission Debriefing forum!

    New “Rise of Cobra” vehicles in stock at HasbroToyShop.com!

    For those of you who are still recovering from the onslaught of new products that were shown at the 2009 Collector’s Convention, I have some good news!

    HasbroToyShop.com has the following vehicles in stock and ready to ship:

    Go get ’em Joes!!  Remember “GIJoe10” saves 10% off the order total!

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    “Joeing is Half the Battle!” – PvP Online

    The web comic PvPonline takes a fun stab at G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in a recent  comic.  While the movie isn’t quite so exaggerated it’s a fun look at the new “RoC” Joe universe.

    I’ve mirrored the comic below but you can find the original HERE.

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    Joe Con ’09: New figures, exclusives from Hasbro

    2009 Collector's Convention

    2009 Collector's Convention

    This just in…

    Today’s Hasbro panel showcased additional stores exclusives as well as some Fall 2010 figures!  (Training Duke, Shadow Tracker, and Beach-Head).  Also posted are pics of Snow Job, Zartan, and Arctic Storm Shadow.   Also (because Werecat demanded it), I’ve added some more vehicle pics to the 2009 Convention page.

    Check out all of the convention coverage on the 2009 Convention page!

    Joe Con ’09 – First new image galleries are up!

    2009 Collector's Convention

    2009 Collector's Convention

    After a whirlwind presentation from Hasbro this afternoon, the first pics of the new 2010 product have been posted on the 2009 Convention page.  Multiple galleries have been added including pics from the Hasbro 2010 presentation, new RoC figures, new RoC vehicles, and the forthcoming store exclusives.

    Start saving those pennies now, Joe Fans– it’s going to be an expensive year full of what is, in all honesty, some of THE best Joe product I’ve ever seen!

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    $30.00 off the Rise of Cobra Pit playset at ToysRUs.com!

    Want to own the Rise of Cobra Pit playset but don’t like the $99.00 price tag?  Check out the latest special at ToysRUs.com:

    Buy $90 or more of select Hasbro toys and get $30 off plus free shipping! Hurry… offer ends soon! HOW IT WORKS

    It’s easy… just follow these simple steps!

    • Buy $90 or more of select Hasbro toys and get $30 off plus free shipping!
    • Maximum 1 discount per order
    • While quantities last

    Essentially, go to ToysRUs.com and put a Pit Playset into your shopping cart.  At the checkout the price is adjusted down by $30.00 and shipping is complimentary.  Unless sales tax is applied for your state, you’ll be looking at your final total.  Either way, the Pit should be shipped for under $80.00.

    So, what are waiting for– Cover Girl to deliver it in person?

    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Pit Mobile Headquarters @ ToysRUs.com

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